According to Forrester Research, online shopping will account for 10% of all U.S. retail sales by 2017. In exchange for immediate gratification, ease of returns, and in-person customer service, buying products online will normally save you money. With the advent of Amazon and other online stores, it’s easy to save money shopping online for everything from groceries to electronics.

If you’re an online shopper, checkout the services below:

 3 Ways to Save Money Shopping Online provides a crowd-sourced route to save you heaps of cash. Users scour the internet in search for bargains, pricing mistakes, and coupon codes and then post the deal they found to the website where users vote the deal up or down based on how great they believe the deal to be. The effect is a site providing you Black Friday-like deals year-round.

I’ve found tracking daily the “Frontpage” deals and the “Popular” deals pages to provide the most wallet-friendly deals on products like clothes and electronics.

Even better, you can setup notifications using their Deal Alert functionality to alert you with an email when a posted deal matches criteria that you’re looking for such as “Pyrex”, “Dress Shoes”, “Macbook”, etc.

Retail vs. Amazon Mom Diaper Savings ChartAmazon Mom

All parents of disposable diapered children should be given a subscription to Amazon Mom along with their child’s birth certificate. The $99/yr service has the benefit of 20% off diapers and wipes, free 2-day “Prime” shipping on many items, and 20% off subscribe and save purchases. Parents who purchase diapers will save money buying diapers with Amazon Mom after the fourth month. Here is my spreadsheet if you’d like to check my math.

Subscribe and save products on Amazon allow you to set a timeframe for a repeating delivery of some product. Cereal, coffee, toilet paper, toothpaste, razors, granola bars, and dish soap are a few examples. Unlike Amazon Prime, Amazon Mom provides an additional 20% savings if your monthly subscribe and save delivery includes 5 or more items. Amazon’s subscribe and save service is very convenient and saves money on household items that you use often.

Join Amazon Prime

Note: It’s still amazing how the cost of diapers adds up!


Using is probably the quickest way to save money shopping online and worth mentioning. Before completing an online checkout, online retailers often provide a “coupon code” or “promo code” field that can be used for additional savings. is a crowd-sourced website where users discover and share these codes. Each code has a success rate to help you find a code that has a high liklihood of working.

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