Two days ago, the “Craigslist Killer” was sentenced to the death penalty for luring Craigslist users to his home and killing them.  Being weary of Craigslist is warranted, but Google Voice is an excellent resource to help you stay anonymous on Craigstlist while either buying someone’s junk or pawning your own junk off on someone else.

What is Google Voice?

Google Voice is a hub and first line of defense for your communications, similar to a secretary.  Just as a secretary could route your calls to your cellphone, office phone, or home phone, Google Voice can be taught how you wish your calls and texts to be routed. The best part is you are given a new phone number with a local area code.  It’s a free service too.

Using Google Voice to Stay Anonymous on CraigslistStay anonymous on craigslist

From this new Google Voice number, you can make/receive calls and send/receive texts.  Giving this number out to potentially creepy Craigslisters is harmless.  Your real cellphone number is masked behind this Google Voice number which lets you remain anonymous on Craigslist during the entire transaction. If someone decides they want to stalk you and relentlessly try to contact you, Google allows you to easily change phone numbers for $10.  That’s a lot easier than a restraining order.

How to Setup Google Voice

First, signup for a Gmail account if you haven’t done so already.  Next, go to to follow a simple setup wizard that includes choosing your new number, deciding how calls and texts should be routed, and optionally setting up voicemail (skip the voicemail step if you want to maximize anonymity). You can either use Google Voice from your browser or install the mobile application which I recommend and use.

Stay safe!



  1. B Adams says:

    I just tried posting an ad on Craigs List using my Google Voice number. There was a phone number verification process and it will not accept Google voice numbers.

    • I never tried providing the email like you did to Craigslist initially but rather just an email. You’re saying Craigslist knew you were using a Google Voice number? Interesting.

      I went a different route and provided the phone number only when a deal was close. So, the first contact was through email, but inevitably you have to give up your phone number to call each other upon arrival at the meeting place in which I recommend then providing the Google Voice number to stay anonymous.

  2. lamy aldophe says:

    Instead of using google voice, I go to walmart buy a prepaid virgin mobile phone for $9. I pay $30 for 1500mns and text which is enough for me. After each sale from craigslist, I change the number with a new number. They allow you to change numbers every 24hrs free of charge which is great. I’m loving it, I do a lot of business in different cities and i can change it to the local area code whenever i want to.

    • Scott says:

      Hi Lamy. I’m replying to a very old post of yours…wondering if it’s still an option. Obviously one can no longer purchase a Virgin Prepaid phone from Walmart for $9. But they can for about $40.
      Question is…HOW do you change the phone number associated with the phone every 24 hours?

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