Why buy a Wifi Thermostat?

Wifi Thermostats promise to impress friends and save home owners money on their monthly utility bills.  Sometimes called “smart thermostats”, these wifi enabled thermostats have capabilities far above what a regular thermostat can offer.

Wifi Thermostat Features

  • Learn your daily routine and adjust temperatures when you are away/arrive
  • Know the weather forecast for your area and adjust your home’s temperature and humidity to prepare for it.
  • Adjust your thermostat from your mobile device even when not at home
  • Customizes behavior based on how long your home takes to heat/cool
  • Saves money while making your house look like it came from the future


Want to Buy a Wifi Thermostat?

Look at these first!


ecobee wifi thermostatEcobee Smart Thermostat – EB-STAT-02

For the homeowner who wants the absolute best available regardless of cost.


  • Better at learning than the other smart thermostats
  • Provides a .csv file of data for you to geek out about how much money you’re saving in an Excel speadsheet
  • Remotely view and control your house’s temperature
  • Probably would save you the most money (based on reviewer’s experiences)


  • The toughest to setup and may require a technician.
  • Most expensive


Nest wifi thermostatNest Learning Thermostat

For the homeowner who appreciates the elegance of simplicity and doesn’t care if it comes at the cost of a few advanced features.


  • Simple to setup. Simple to use.
  • Beautiful.
  • Best mobile app (Google owns Nest, so it had better!)


  • A history of bugs and hardware failures, but most have been fixed.
  • No “hold” function…it’s too smart for that! 🙂
  • Lacks some of the advanced features for those who want to be more “hands on”


Honeywell smart thermostatHoneywell Wifi Smart Thermostat – 9580

For the homeowner who wants a balance between simplicity and functionality without breaking the bank.


  • Best touchscreen
  • Nice mobile app
  • Many advanced features (alerts, learning), but also relatively easy to use.
  • Made by Honeywell who knows a thing or two about thermostats
  • Least expensive


  • It’s not the most advanced nor simplest.

I can recommend all three of the wifi thermostats above as they lead the pack of current smart thermostats. My personal choice would be to buy the Honeywell wifi thermostat but only because I am value-minded and like the balance between simplicity and advanced features.

I’d love to hear your experiences or buying choices and if you own or buy a wifi thermostat.

Please let me know in the comments below!

Thermostat image by Flickr user midnightcomm


  1. Josh says:

    I installed a honeywell, not the one recommended above but the barebones model (RTH8580WF). Its great now that its installed. The “C” wire is needed to give this device power. I had to run a new thermostat wire which resulted in some holes/patching. Now that its all done the features far outweigh the hassles.

    Overall I enjoy the feature to adjust the temperature when we are away to make sure its the right temp when we get home. I have radiant heat so it take a long time to bring up to temperature in the winter so this eliminates the chilly arrivals we used to encounter in the winter.

    + for honeywell is the amount of advanced configuration you can do on these thermostats. Ever heard of “cycles per hour”? Apparently every thermostat is defaulted to 5 however for high efficiency furnaces and boilers it should be set to 3. I don’t think this stuff is configurable on a NEST so another plus to honeywell. The result is more savings.

    p.s. I noticed my system was shortcycling alot after installing, after updating this setting it fixed it.

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