Dropbox Workflow GraphicDropbox is a fantastic application that really makes sharing and syncing files easier.  Dropbox has been around for awhile, but it is still seen as a file storage/backup application rather than a file syncing/sharing application.  There’s a big difference.

As soon as you install the free Dropbox download, you get 2.5GB for free.  The application creates a Dropbox folder on your computer that is automatically synced to the Dropbox server.  So, if you put a Word Document in your Dropbox folder on your computer, it will be available to access from any computer at dropbox.com almost instantly as it syncs in the background.

But there are more advantages to using Dropbox than the above basic usage.


Syncing Music with Dropbox

CD’s are a thing of the past, but the danger is how easy it is to lose your downloaded MP3’s from music services like iTunes and Amazon through a hard drive crash or accidentally deleting them .  These music services make it impossible really, really difficult to re-download your music if you lose your original copy.  Dropbox provides an automatic way to back these files up, but additionally allows your music collection to stay in sync with other computers and mobile devices within your family.  For instance, my wife and I use the same Dropbox user account, so when one of us downloads a new album, it is instantly synced and available on all of our other computers and devices.


Syncing Photos with Dropbox

Last year, Dropbox came out with a fantastic feature that allows mobile photos to be synced to your Dropbox instantly.  With the Dropbox mobile application, your smartphone begins uploading your picture to your Dropbox the moment you take it.  Normally within a minute, the photo you just took with your smartphone has been downloaded to your computer.  No more disassembling your smartphone’s case to get to that memory card.


Sharing FilesDropbox link sharing

Any file or folder within your Dropbox can be shared easily.  Once you install the Dropbox application, you can right-click any file or folder to get a special link to email to friends for them to download the files you wish to share.  It’s a great way to distribute large files like a large number of pictures that are too large to email.


Getting More Dropbox Storage Space

2.5GB can be burned through pretty quickly these days, but Dropbox lets you get free storage space by sharing the Dropbox love with others.  Each Dropbox user gets a special affiliate link they can share with others to get an additional 500MB  per install.  Full disclosure, the links I have to Dropbox above are using my affiliate link, but, it benefits those who use this link since they get 2.5GB to start instead of only 2GB.  Dropbox also does a number of fun promotions throughout the year to increase your space as well.  Currently, you can earn an additional 3GB of space by installing and uploading photos through the mobile Dropbox application.

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