When you need gas, do you just look for the sign with the cheapest gas? Does the brand of gasoline not matter to you?

After a $700 car repair due to a clogged sensor, I was motivated to do a little research on which stations have the best gas. To my surprise, there is a big difference!

“Top Tier” certifications are given to gas stations that have the highest amount of detergents in their gasoline. These detergents keep your engine clean and car running well. That “Quickie Mart” down your street is NOT a Top Tier gas station!

So, lots of detergents in your gas is GOOD; however, it’s difficult to find the exact amounts of detergent used by gas stations.

Here is a spreadsheet to help you determine the best gas station for you based on the amount of detergent used by each gas station.

Lastly, if you’re like me and are guilty of buying crappy gasoline, it may be worth doing a fuel system cleaner treatment in tandem to switching to a Top Tier gas station.


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