I’m calling it. Facebook has gone too far. I’m getting off Facebook for good, and here’s why.


Did you know…

  • Facebook tracks and keeps record or your browsing history across all sites even when you’re logged out?
  • Facebook’s app has access to your phone’s microphone and can listen and record without your knowledge?
  • Facebook uses Facial Recognition Software to build a database to advertise to you in real life (just like in Minority Reports!)

Sure, the issue of privacy is a good reason to think twice about letting Facebook collect all of your photos, browsing history, tendencies, location, and even recognize your face with 97% accuracy.

But, there’s still even more good reasons to get off Facebook.


If you’re impatient, skip to 2:41.


Authenticity and reality are qualities that have dwindled with the rise of internet.

When your Facebook friend has a birthday, do you feel accomplished when you write “Happy Birthday” on their Facebook wall? That’s CRAZY! Did you know there is a Facebook app that you can install to do that for you automatically? How often does that quick post replace what could have been an authentic phone call or even a text message conversation to wish them a happy birthday?

We’ve diluted friendships and pride ourselves in keeping “in touch” with hundreds of friends online when in fact, we’ve lost authentic touch with them long ago.

So, I’m getting off Facebook. I want to reclaim both privacy and authentic relationships from Facebook.

Let me know your thoughts in the comments.


  1. Stephen says:

    Schedule a meeting with her, Brock!

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