Google announced recently that they’ll be releasing glasses with a camera and a HUD display letting users live everyday life in augmented reality and recording videos and taking pictures with a simple voice command.  Currently, the functionality of the glasses is somewhat limited to taking a picture, directions, messaging, and other Google voice commands, but the future is promising.

If Google allows apps to be developed for the glasses, you can think of the possibilities.  Backyard baseball mixed with augmented reality could get kids off the couch and outside.  Imagine the glasses laying out the baseball diamond similar to how the yellow first down marker is displayed for football games on TV.  The glasses could keep track of outs, the score, stats, and even clearly mark where the home run fence is on it’s display.

However, Google Glass comes with a myriad of privacy concerns as described by Anton Wahlman of

“Google Glasses will impact societal behavior from the moment they arrive. As soon as you see them, you’re aware that you might be filmed. People don’t like being filmed.

Yes, every smartphone can record you and take pictures. But you know when this is happening. It isn’t a constant feeling that everyone around you is filming you from every angle. You see them when they do it.”

If Google Glass catches on, your life is likely being filmed wherever people are.  Whether you trip and fall in an icy parking lot, have a wardrobe malfunction, discipline your child publicly, or flipped the bird while driving…you’re on camera and probably YouTube.  How can you pull out a credit card or checkbook from your wallet without fear of being filmed?  Law enforcement takes on a whole new dimension as everyone gets held to a higher level of accountability.

The impact will be huge.

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