Updated April 2016 to include new Foscam HD IP Camera options…

Here is a quick and easy guide to use a Foscam IP Camera as a baby monitor.  This isn’t meant to be comprehensive, as there are many advanced things you can do with an IP camera (motion detection, sharing the feed publicly, etc), but it will get you to the point where you can start using your IP cam as your baby monitor in your home.

Foscam IP CameraAn IP Camera has all the benefits of a store-bought video baby monitor, but also many advanced options for geekier parents.  They often have Wi-Fi, IR filters for watching the baby even in the dark, the ability to pan and tilt, can stream to a regular browser or mobile IP cam app, record to your home NAS, and have the ability to alert you when they sense motion.  But again, this tutorial will simply get you up and running.


  • IP Camera (I’ll be using the Foscam FI8910W) – $60
    • Want one of the new HD version cameras instead? Look no further than
      the Foscam FI9831W – $100


Setting up a Foscam IP Camera as a Baby Monitor

First, scope out where you would like to mount the IP Camera.  You will want a clear view of where the baby sleeps to be close enough for the camera’s microphone to pick up all the cute little noises your little one will make…oh, and those awful wails.

Ideally, pick a place near an electric outlet to minimize the appearance of wires.

Next, screw in the provided wall mount securely. The camera is pretty light, so I skipped using the included anchors and just used the screws to secure it.  The wall mount is adjustable vertically, so place it a little higher so you can angle it down on your little one to get a bit of a higher perspective.

Foscam Wall MountThe camera comes with an Ethernet cable as well as a power adapter. Plug in both into the back of the unit.

If you’ll be connecting to your network wirelessly instead, follow the instructions that comes with the unit to connect to the network which require you to connect the unit directly to a computer via Ethernet to input your network’s wireless settings.

Next, attach the unit to the wall mount.  There’s a single screw under the bottom of the mount that connects it to the unit.  Make sure all adjustment screws are tight on the wall mount.

Foscam Inputs and OutputsPlug ‘r in.  As soon as you plug the unit in it will do a self test and start spinning around like a R2D2.  It will test that the motors can move the camera in a full range of motion.

Once that is completed, it will look to get an IP address through the DNS of your home router. As soon as it does, it has become part of your home network and begins “watching”.  But, as long as you don’t make the camera publicly accessible, it’ll only be viewable by people on your home network.

Now the fun part.  Since it’s connected to your home network, you can watch the feed through virtually any device on your home network.  Think: laptop, smart phone, Roku, Raspberry Pi, etc.

Foscam WAN ClientsFigure out the cameras IP address first. You can do this by connecting to your home router and looking for your LAN Active Clients list within the firmware.  Foscam clients have a name like “ipcam_(mac address)”.  Remember that IP address.

Foscam Control PanelGet on a computer with any browser and go to: (IP address):80  You should see a prompt that comes up for a username and password.  The default Foscam username is admin, and by default there is no password.  Then, click the button “Server Push Mode”.  You’ll now see a control panel along with a live feed of your camera.  Cool!  Try panning and tilting your camera and try turning out the lights to see what it looks like through the IR filter.

I found two mobile apps that I really like.  For Android, check out tinyCam Monitor Free.  It even has the ability to use your device’s gyroscopes to move the cameras around which is pretty fun to do.  For iOS, use Live Cams Pro.  Each app will ask for the IP address, username, password, and port (80), and then it should work well assuming you’re connected to your home network’s wifi.  IP Cam App for AndroidI was able to connect to the camera with my smartphone, power off my screen, and walk around the house while being able to hear any noise from the baby’s room.

Overall, an IP Camera is a great way to keep an eye on your child.  We plan to use the IP Camera during the day and audio monitors at night.  Our fear is we may not sleep much if we are glued to our phones watching our baby making every single movement.  Plus, we typically charge our devices at night.

Let me know if you have any questions in the comments.  Happy to help!


Update after 3 months of use:

My son turned 3 months old a couple days ago, and I wanted to update this post now that I’ve used the Foscam IP Camera as a baby monitor for a longer period of time.



This is the top advantage for me. Any device you have whether it be a computer, laptop, Android Phone, iOS Phone, or tablet can very easily connect to the video steam. Odds are, you’re used to having these devices with you around the house already.  If you buy a regular video baby monitor, you need to carry yet another device with you, and it probably only comes with one receiver which is limiting.

I tracked down a number of different devices to illustrate the flexibility of this setup in the video below:

Yeah…he woke up moments later quite hungry. He slept a solid 11 hours, so he more than earned it! Fear not, he was fed quickly afterwards and was then one happy baby.

Peace of Mind

As new parents, my wife and I wake up throughout the night in a panic wondering if our baby is OK (normal, I hope?). It is so nice to be able to look over to our nightstand and see him OK and breathing.


Battery Drain

The one and only disadvantage to this setup is battery drain. The Foscam puts out pretty high quality video, and it’s a lot of work for your device to stream it. So, we use an old iPod Touch to be the dedicated bedside device that just stays plugged in. During the day, you can use audio monitors as backups to reduce the battery drain on your phone/tablet/computer.


I’m sold. Using an IP camera as a baby monitor is the best way to monitor your baby in my opinion. Plus, it doesn’t take that much “techy smarts” to set it up. If you’ve setup a wireless router, you can setup a Foscam. Plus, you can always use the comments below to get help from me and other readers.

*Many have asked in the below comments about how to secure the Foscam from any potential hackers. A typical home network’s firewall should be blocking hackers, but it’s a good idea to take some extra precaution as well. Here is a blog post I did on How to Secure Your Foscam from Hackers.


  1. Mindy says:

    Hi – Thanks so much for this post. I am curious though, is there any way that I can get an actual monitor to hook up to the camera, or do I have to use the phone, laptop, or roku as the monitor? Just curious because it may be hard to use the phone in the event of being on the phone and we don’t typically have our laptop up and running at all times.
    Also, if we access through an app or something, does the sound still come through even when it’s in the background?
    I purchased one of these and realized afterwards that it’s just the camera….and nonrefundable so I’m curious if I can work with it or should just sell it via ebay or something.

    • Hi Mindy!

      I’m glad you found the post helpful. Using an IP camera as a baby monitor is definitely a great, flexible monitoring solution.

      Good questions! The IP camera transmits a stream on your network. The trick is, something needs to be able to interpret that stream. A monitor wouldn’t be able to do this directly, so there would need to be some “computing device” between the IP camera and the monitor.

      Like you, I’ve thought of a Roku Player as a nice “always on” device to play the feed on a TV or monitor. Another option would be a Raspberry Pi. A Roku Player/Raspberry Pi could constantly be streaming to a computer monitor/TV in a room you spend a lot of time in which would free up your mobile devices for other uses. I have been planning on doing a follow-up post using a Raspberry Pi to receive and display the feed, and I will have this done in a few weeks for you.

      Next, yes, the sound does come through the app when the device is asleep.

      If any other visitors have ideas for us, please weigh in!

  2. Jason says:

    Great posting. I just setup two cameras and am loving this setup. The only issue for me is I can’t seem to find an android app option that supports background audio when I turn the screen off. I’m using tiny cam pro and otherwise really like this app, but again, no background audio is a deal breaker. Do you get background audio from the free tiny cam app?

    • Hi Jason. Thanks for your comment!

      Sounds like you have a great setup.

      Yes, the tinycam app does have background audio. Open the app and go to App Settings -> Audio -> Background Audio.

      I write this exhausted, lying in bed recovering from a long, long night due to my 5 day old boy keeping me up! 🙂

      I must say though the ability to see and hear the baby using virtually any device is a priceless. Great peace of mind! I hope you enjoy a similar experience using your foscam IP cameras.

  3. Pat says:

    I bought a foscam and it seems like a great way to monitor my baby. I have not found an app on the Roku that can stream this though. The one app I did find doesn’t stream, it just sends a still shot every minute. Any suggestions?

    • Hi Pat,

      Thanks for the comment!

      I did some extensive digging and am surprised and disappointed by the result. It seems that the snapshot setup you currently have is the extent of what can be achieved with the Roku player. I was shocked that a device as powerful as the Roku and able to stream 1080p isn’t currently able to stream the video feed. It seems the issue is the lack of a codec to properly display the IP camera’s video feed. I will update my blog post to reflect this. Bummer! I was looking forward to using my Roku to stream to a spare computer monitor I have.

      I will shortly be posting how to achieve a stream to a TV by using a Raspberry Pi which will achieve a similar goal. A little $35 Raspberry Pi is more capable than the $100+ Roku Player in some areas it seems!

      Take care

  4. Jarrett says:

    Congrats on the baby boy! I have one coming in August!
    I have the same model Foscam as in your article. It is set up on my LAN, and I am using tiny cam monitor for my Android, and will soon set up some app for my wife’s iPhone. My problem is, I cannot view the live feed on my phone using the app while I am connected to my home wifi network. Foscam’s tech support told me that for some reason, since the camera is on my LAN, the phone cannot be on the same LAN in order to view live feed. Also, I can’t use a browser on a phone or computer to view the feed if that device is on connected to home wifi. The only way that I can view at home is by using the desktop app on a computer or by using 4G on my phone. Is there a way to view on my phone at home without using data?


    • Hi Jarrett,

      Thanks for your response and the congratulations! You’re a smart man getting these things set up before the due date gets too close (that’s when the honey-do list grows exponentially in my experience)!

      Yes, we can definitely get this working for you the way you described.

      Your Foscam, it’s connected either wirelessly or via ethernet to your wireless router, right? If that is the case, it should only be a matter of connecting to your wireless router, getting the local IP address of the Foscam, and then setting up the app on your phone(s) to pull in that feed. If your wireless router is your local Foscam IP should be something like with the last number changing.

      I could be wrong, but it sounds like you may be connecting to the Foscam through your network’s external IP address versus the internal IP address. Both should be able to work for you.

      Please shoot me an update when you can.

      • Jarrett says:

        Thanks Brock! That was exactly the problem. I entered the IP address of the camera into the app and it worked perfectly. However, I noticed when I got to work this morning and connected to the LAN here, I could not view the camera with the app, using the camera’s IP address. I had to add a new camera profile with the external domain name. But I all seems to be working great.

        Thanks for your help. I look forward to reading what you have to say about Raspberry Pi. I am interested in using one to view my Foscam on my tv through a sony blu ray player.

        • I’m glad it’s working! Using an IP Camera is truly the best way to video monitor your baby. It’s really flexible and powerful…and cheaper than buying an actual video baby monitor.

          Yes, I can’t wait to do a write-up on the Raspberry Pi and working to find the best setup with that and the Foscam. It shouldn’t be long before I can get that done.

          Take care Jarrett!

  5. Rob says:

    How about using an ITouch as a monitor?

  6. Jeff Stokes says:

    Hi Brock.
    I have a Foscam Fi9821w and a raspberry pi. You mentioned having a go at decoding the stream using a pi and I have had several attempts.

    I’m trying to use the command line interface and omxplayer but even though others report success, I can’t get it to render the video. The address I’m specifying (rtsp://:@/videoMain) should work – I think!

    Any ideas?

    • Hey Jeff!

      Thanks for the note. Which OS are you using on the Pi?

      • Jeff Stokes says:

        I’m using raspian – the latest version. The forums say that omxplayer, written specifically for raspian to take advantage of the hardware h.264 decoding, supports decoding and playing the 720P stream from the Fi9821W Foscam camera. I just can’t seem to get it right.

        Anyone having an idea would be helping me immensely. It may simply be my lack of Linux knowledge or it might be more “technical”.

  7. Ricardo Costa says:

    Hi All, thanks for having this great guide and idea’s machine. Why not use a cheap tablet? Amazon have some @ 40£… or even a second hand one… it must be around the same cost as a Pi… right? greetings from Portugal!

    • Hi Ricardo! Thank you for the comment and greetings!

      I agree…a cheap tablet is a great option. My wife and I prop up a hand-me-down iPad to watch our little guy sleeping (or crying as often the case).

      The Raspberry Pi might use less energy though and wouldn’t tie up a device that might be desired to be used for browsing, etc. Showing the camera feed on a TV would be nice too.

      The #1 advantage of using an IP Cam as a baby monitor is the flexibility. Instead of having one handheld video unit (a store-bought baby monitor), you can use virtually any device from a $50 tablet to showing off your little tot on a big screen TV!

      Take care!

  8. Mary says:

    This was a great tutorial! Thanks for doing it! This might be a silly question but is there any way to watch from something not on your network? I want to get something like this for our little one on the way, but ideally I’d love to be able to watch from work once I return and my husband is home during the day. Is this possible either on my iPhone or work computer?

  9. Ashlie says:

    Thanks for all of the info…question regarding 2 foscams. Can I set up 2 separate foscams in 2 rooms and stream them on a split-screen to view them simultaneously? (We have 2 kids in 2 rooms). Do you have concerns about wi-fi going down in the middle of the night and losing ability to see/hear and not know it? Thanks!!

    • Hey Ashlie,

      Happy Friday!

      Yes, using two cameras is just as easy of a setup. Most apps that I’ve tried for iPad, iPhone, or android allow split screen viewing. Very cool, and it’d be an easy way to monitor your kids simultaneously.

      I would recommend you have a good wireless router since you’ll be working it twice as hard…not because streaming two Foscams will be too much for it, but if you are streaming Hulu or Netflix as well you might start taxing it. Just stay away from Belkin or Netgear brand routers. You definitely shouldn’t have a problem though, but if you are concerned you can always use audio monitors as a backup. A good wireless router can do all of the above without any reboots or disconnections.

    • Hello again Ashlie,

      I just did a post about wireless routers and more specifically when to know you need a new wireless router. I hope it helps!


  10. Jennifer says:

    Hello Brock, this is all very helpful!

    I have been trying to decide between the Dropcam and Foscam as my baby monitor. We are expecting in the next 2 weeks!

    So for the foscam, I notice there is audio in and out in the back (I am looking at the HD model). Is that required? Or does the build in speaker and mic allow for the 2 way talk with no further audio setup required? I plan on using my phone as the monitor device and I worry about when I am sleeping, how I need to setup my phone in order to always hear the baby. So for android, you can check a setting in the app when my phone goes into sleep mode to still hear the sound? That is one of my biggest concerns.

    Secondly, do you record using your foscam on your network? I know the dropcam is cloud only, so I am not sure that is the route worth taking, but I wanted to see how people who have this camera are uding all of its capabilities today.

    Finally, the tinycam app – is it reliable?

    Thanks so much for setting up this site, this is really helpful to pull the outstanding questions together in my head.


    • Hi Jennifer!

      I hope your Memorial Day is going well. Wow, 2 more weeks! First baby? My wife came 2 weeks early (1 month ago now), so you could go any day now!

      Regarding the Dropcam, I ruled out the Dropcam because it is cloud based. The problem is that while it may be a nice camera, it will be a network hog as it streams to the internet 24/7. Using a Foscam on your internal network means you don’t use a chunk of your internet speed/throughput constantly. There’s nothing the Dropcam can do that the Foscam can’t too. But, to each their own!

      The audio in and out in the back of the camera is optional. I’ve found the speaker and mic to be more than sufficient. And Yes, the tinyCam app let’s you turn off your screen and output audio which saves battery while letting you still listen to your baby. I’ve had no problems with this feature. Plus, you can do things like play the audio from your cellphone/iPad/device through a bluetooth headset while doing things around the house and not worry about always having your device on you (I haven’t tried this yet, but it should work easily). Flexibility and freedom!

      The tinyCam app is very reliable. I’ve had no problems with it at all. These apps are very simple since they just tap into the video stream and display it. We have a similar iOS app, netcamviewer, run 24/7 on an old iPod Touch and haven’t had a single problem.

      Good luck with your birth and enjoy your newborn! After things get settled I’d love to hear back from you sometime about how things are going and what you decided.

    • I missed your question about recording…

      You have a few options here…the tinyCam app can record to Dropbox (cloud), but again, I’m not a fan of hogging my previous internet throughput and would rather use my internal network to do the legwork. The best option is a NAS (network attached storage). I did a post on the benefits of a NAS. A NAS sounds geeky and hard to setup, but it’s not that bad and I’m happy to help you through it (just leave a comment on the NAS post section). With the NAS I have (see post for details), it can start recording from the Foscam whenever motion is detected or continually…all without hogging my internet connection.

  11. Anna says:

    Thank you so much for showing this tutorial! This is exactly what I was looking for!

  12. David says:

    I see that you plugged up your camera via ethernet cable for the intital set up. Is yours still connected via ethernet cable or is it running via wifi?

  13. […] within your home network. Technologies that require a zippy LAN speed are AirPlay from Apple, IP Cameras, Network attached storage devices, backing up your computers wirelessly, or simply sharing files […]

  14. jennieb says:

    Thanks for all the great info! Does this work if you don’t have internet at home, but run the camera thru your Android/4g? For example-visiting the in laws… 😉

    • Hi Jennie!

      Thanks for the comment.

      I hadn’t thought about the possibility of tethering yet. What a wonderful, geeky idea! The Foscam could get Internet access from your Android. Then if you had another device I think you could access the feed by accessing the public IP address of your Android. Sounds like a lot of work for a little Android, but it just might work.

      If you try this, you have to tell me how it goes!

      …I suppose you could also try to convince your in-laws that your little guy/girl is worth the purchase of a Foscam so you don’t have to bring yours back and forth. Bribe them with more visits!

  15. Dave says:

    Great blog. Do you know how to reset the username and password? I changed it from the default “admin”. However, every time I put in the new user name and password, it doesn’t work. Any suggestions?

  16. Dave says:

    Great blog. Do you know how to reset the username and password? I changed it from the default “admin”. However, every time I put in the new user name and password, it doesn’t work. Any suggestions?

    • Hey Dave,

      You will need to reset the camera. Here’s instructions on how to reset your foscam password: http://www.foscam.com/help2_view.aspx?Id=14 the only downside is you will have to go through the setup process for getting the foscam to access you’re wireless network unless you are hard wired.

      How is the foscam / video monitor setup working thus far?

      Take care,

    • Or am I misunderstanding your question? Are you saying you didn’t forget your username and password but rather there’s a glitch of some sort where it isn’t taking your new credentials?

      • Dave says:

        I actually just reinstalled it with another computer and the password issue seems to be resolved. Now, I can’t get the thing to pick up any audio. Any suggestions?

        • Dave says:

          Never mind. I called Tech Support for Foscam, and they informed me that you cannot play sound on a Mac. However, I downloaded TinyCam app, but there is no sound there either. Any suggestions for that? Sorry I keep bugging you. Thanks for the time!

          • Hey Dave,

            No problem at all. Keep bugging me all you want!

            I do know that you need the TinyCam “Pro” app (the one that costs a couple bucks) to get sound. Do you have the free version or the paid version?

    • Joey says:

      Have you had trouble with the audio playback of your camera? We are getting some noise through the speaker when using the audio feature on my iPhone. It is a fuzzy tapping noise. Thanks for the help and your helpful blog!

      • Hey Joey, thanks for the comment!

        What I’ve read in the forums is the audio deteriorates if the wireless network isn’t fast enough. What model of wireless router do you have at home?

        • Joey says:

          Our wireless router is the Motorola SBG6580. The Foscam is hard wired. Thanks!

          • Hi Joey,

            Sorry for the slow reply, I was on vacation last week. Your router is fine…it’s a good quality router. My audio isn’t perfect, but it is better than you describe. I assume you’re connecting through the local IP address…something like 192.168.1.xxx? The ideal setup in my opinion uses separate baby audio receivers to get the best audio quality. That setup (foscam + audio monitors) still comes in cheaper than the retail video baby monitors.

  17. Dave says:

    I had the free version, but now have the Pro version. My next question is there any way to play audio when it is in multi-camera view? We have two cameras that we are trying to use as baby monitors in our two sons’ rooms. As of now, I can only hear sound when one of the cameras are selected and the other is not viewed.

    Thanks again!

  18. Dave says:

    I actually was able to set it up on a sequence where it switches between the 2 cameras, so that should work.

    The next question is that my camera connection seems to have disappeared. This started a few days ago where I can’t access them on the app on my phone or tablet, nor can I access them on my computer, either through the Foscam program I downloaded or even by plugging in the ip address directly into the browser. Any thoughts?

    • Nice! What app did you use to setup the sequence? Sounds like a nice setup.

      I’d bet your wireless router switched the internal IP of the camera on you. Login to your wireless router and see if you can find the camera on a different IP as well as set a static IP address so it doesn’t happen again. You could also set the static IP up under “Basic Network Settings” under “device management” for the Foscam Camera.

      If you (or someone in the future) need help setting this up just let me know.

      Back to bed for me…I think my baby finally conked out after being put back down after his midnight feeding sometime during my typing this. I’ll check the Foscam to make sure. 🙂

  19. Geoff says:

    Hi Brock,
    I have a few quick (probably remedial) questions. We would intend to primarly use our iPhones as our monitoring device if we decide to go this route.
    (1) Does our home computer need to be on at all times to stream the audio/video to our mobile devices? Or only if we intend to record video?
    (2) Does the FosCam store WiFi network information? For instance, can we bring the camera back and forth from our home to grandma & grandpas and not have to go through the setup process every time?
    (3) Will I have the ability to view the video feed while away from home via my phone’s 3G/4G network?
    (4) Does the audio work if I am doing something else on my phone (like writing an email or watching a video). I would envision this to work like when I get a call and it interupts whatever I am doing…or when I am listening to music in the background while performing other functions on my phone.


    • Hi Geoff. Thank you for the comment!

      1) Your computer does not need to be on all time. Only if you plan on using your computer to record.

      2) Good question. I don’t know off the top of my head. I will check this weekend and get back to you.

      3) Yes, the feed can be setup to be viewable from any device anywhere as long as you have an internet connection. It’s great, the baby can be with a baby sitter and you can check the IP camera feed remotely with your iphone to see how your baby is doing.

      4) Yes, there are apps that allow the audio to be played in the background freeing your phone up for other tasks. Baby Monitor for IP Camera seems like it would fit the bill. Plus it’s free, so you can try it out before buying the audio component of the app (through an in-app purchase).

  20. Lyndsey says:

    We currently have a basic Motorola video monitor but its not a great quality. We are looking into the foscam but wondering about the logistics at night. Will it work while its charging (especially the audio)? I have an iPhone 4S and my husband has a Galaxy 4. (Probably will be streamed on my phone at night).
    Thank you!

    • Hi Lyndsey, thanks for the comment!

      Definitely, in fact, I recommend charging your phone as you view the cam at night just to be extra safe. We use an old iPod Touch to do the same.

      We’ve never had any problems with the audio stream. We use white noise in the nursery, so it’s nice since we always hear noise coming through and can be sure we’re actively monitoring him.

      Let me know if you need any other help.

  21. Pam says:

    I have a monthly limit on my home internet usage (around 60 gigs I believe), if I was to leave it streaming overnight beside the bed, any idea how much of my usage that would eat up?

    • Hi Pam! Thank you for your comment.

      Good question! That usage should not use any of your monthly internet usage. The Foscam streams (by default) internally on your home network instead of using the internet like the competitor Dropcam does. You can set it up to stream to the internet so you can watch him with the babysitter while you’re out at a restaurant, but if you are just viewing the stream inside your house on your wi-fi you won’t be using any of your internet allotment.

  22. Steve says:

    Hi Brock,

    I just ordered my camera, and I am looking forward to setting this up. My question goes along with some of the others… Can this be set up to be viewed while outside of the home? Let’s say I am traveling, can I view the images and sound from the camera?

    • Brock Thompson says:

      Thanks for the comment, Steve!

      Absolutely, the Foscam can be setup to be accessed remotely too. You can be out of town and control and monitor the Foscam remotely.

      Cool eh?

  23. Trudie says:

    I’m frustrated about the audio on my just-installed Foscam FI8910. It’s streaming via my home wifi through Internet Explorer into a laptop. Using it as a home monitor, strictly in-home. The picture is great but the audio is awful with feedback and repeating at both ends — camera and laptop. I called tech support but there was a language problem. The tech said I had to open both the mic and speaker icons on my control screen, which makes no sense if I only want to hear what I’m monitoring and don’t want to speak. I get no sound if I don’t open both, anyway. Hope you can help. Their support is really hit and miss.

    • Brock Thompson says:

      Hi Trudie!

      Thanks for the comment.

      I’m curious as to why you’re getting audio feedback. May I ask a few more questions?

      1. Can you describe the feedback noises you’re getting a bit?
      2. What app are you using?


      • Trudie says:

        The noise sounds like screeching in an echo chamber. There’s another issue I just read about — completely different subject. A father was awakened last week by the sound of a man’s voice coming from the Foscam in his child’s room, using his child’s name with obscenities. It was a case of “ratting” because we all use admin with no password. So Foscam now has an update to the software that’s very specific for your model. We all need to go to the Foscam website for it. I think we have to take our cameras down and physically re-connect via ethernet to do this, which I’m dreading. so I’ll probably be wailing for help with that, too. But back to the audio…

        • Hi Trudie,

          Thanks for your comment.

          Are you connecting to your Foscam wirelessly? If so, what model wireless router do you have? I’m reading through some forums and see instances online about the Foscam’s audio quality deteriorating based on slow wireless performance.

          Is there any chance you can try to hardwire the Foscam momentarily to see if the audio quality improves? If it does, then we can either look into a newer wireless router or the possibility of hardwiring the Foscam.

          Keep me posted…

          • jewel says:

            I’m having the same issue as Trudie. If both speaker and mic are enabled on the “other” device (connected to the foscam), there is horrible feedback (screeching), and the sounds are in a loop – they just keep repeating. It’s awful. I reconnected via Ethernet cable and it doesn’t seem to make a difference. The only way to minimize the horrible feedback/echo is to only enable mic OR speakers on the “other” device – which is ridiculous if you purchased it for two-way communication. Any ideas on what we’ve done wrong? This is a brand-new camera, and I’m considering returning it if we can’t figure this out.

            Oh, one other thing… strangely, the ActiveX plug-in triggers an IE/plugin crash, which in turns seems to hang Windows (I have to hard reboot :*( ). Done a lot of searching, and haven’t found anything that fixes this yet. Chrome works fine, but is not my husband’s preferred browser.

  24. George says:

    Thank you for putting this together.
    My wife is due in less than a month. We were originally planning on going with a ‘traditional’ baby monitor but… what’s the fun in that? 🙂
    I’ve been looking into IP cameras and I’m wondering if you have any opinions on the Insteon cameras. The only reason why i’m wondering about them is because I am thinking of future home automation and they are a big player in that department.
    I’ve also read a couple of posts that say Insteon is a re-branded Foscam. If that’s the case, I assume it wouldn’t matter.

    • Brock Thompson says:


      Congrats, soon-to-be father! 1 month away…you both must be so excited. Make sure you enjoy those first days thoroughly.

      I’m with ya on the traditional baby monitors…no fun. Why not get one that can move around, have an IR filter, and practically rock the baby back to sleep, right? 🙂

      I haven’t heard of Insteon. Looks like they have a lot of nice smart home products. I was surprised to see their IP cameras didn’t support wireless N. No big deal if you’re hard wiring the cam, but may be an issue if you’re going wireless.

      Speaking of smart home stuff, have you heard of the Almond+? Pre-orders should start in a couple weeks. It’s a mean looking wireless router that supports a number of smart home brands like ZigBee and Z-Wave. I’ll be grabbing an Almond+ as soon as pre-orders start and will do a Almond+ review as soon as I get it.

      If you don’t mind, please keep me informed with the route you go.

      Take care, and congrats!!

      • George says:

        Thanks for the reply.
        I hadn’t noticed the lack of wireless N. 🙁 Everything on my network is N so that might actually push me over the edge towards the Foscam.
        After reading a little more, it sounds like the Insteon software can connect to the Foscam cameras; but the software won’t be able to take action based on movement or sound (which is most of the point of using it)… I know I can always use the apps you mention above but it would be great to be able to just use one for everything.
        I haven’t heard of the Almond+. That looks pretty cool and I guess i’m out of the loop on speed because i didn’t even hear when 802.11ac was announced… I have to say that I don’t really understand the need for a touchscreen. (Maybe it’s just because my router is in my basement, in the utility room. 😉 ). I’ll have to read up on it more though. It also looks like it doesn’t support Insteon or x10.
        I already have a Nest and i’m concerned I’m going down the road of having a lot of stand-alone apps. I was really hoping Google (or (someone would come out with an integrated system.
        I’ll be curious to hear what you have to say about the Almond+.

  25. Jon says:

    Hi Brock,
    I’m having trouble connecting both my IPFoscam wirelessly, as well as connecting my phone app to the foscam (even when foscam is working with ethernet). I’m not sure how to obtain my foscam ip address. When I type my ip address it comes up with webpage not available. Any ideas?

    • Brock Thompson says:

      Do you know your wireless router’s IP address? Its likely . If you would, try going to the above IP address and login to your wireless router. From there you should be able to track down the Foscam’s IP address.

      Let me know…

  26. Jarrett says:

    Stumbled across this… kinda scary. I use a Foscam for my 2 week old boy. It works flawlessly, but do you have any suggestions for protection against something like this?

    • Hey Jarrett,

      Yeah, that’s a pretty unsettling story. Sick world…

      You can certainly make sure your foscam is locked down by setting a good password for both your camera and wifi network.

      I like to use my foscam on my local home network only, so I unchecked services under both uPnP and DDNS tabs under settings.

      Lastly, run this test here to scan your network just like a hacker would attempt to do: https://www.grc.com/x/ne.dll?bh0bkyd2

      If you do the above you can feel good that nobody will be watching your 2 your old but you.

      • Trudie says:

        This is the company’s firmware update address to fix the password problem — http://www.foscam.com/down3.aspx

      • Pam says:

        I thought my camera was secure since I had only set it up for use on our home network, so I hadn’t changed the default username and password, however last night during a 5am feed, I was changing my son and noticed the camera moving. After a sufficient freak out, I unplugged the camera and put it face down, and this morning I have set off trying to make sure it is secure. I upgraded the firmware, changed the username and password for the camera, unchecked the uPnP and DDNS settings, and ran the test you suggested (which said “THE EQUIPMENT AT THE TARGET IP ADDRESS

        I am now feeling fairly secure (although still freaked out, since I once caught the camera pointed right at the chair I use for breastfeeding and brushed it off as I must’ve been messing around with the camera at some point), is there anything else I should do to make sure the creepy hacker doesn’t try to watch me breastfeed again?

        Also, I’m now getting the error “Audio Unavailable – CamViewer did not detect the custom API that it needs for 2-way audio and has fallen back to a more basic mode”. Any ideas?

        As a side note, do you know if CamViewer allows for background audio monitoring? I want to be able to use my phone for other things, like browsing the internet, while still listening in on baby, and so far, as soon as I switch apps, the sound stops.

        • Hi Pam,

          Thanks for the comment!

          I’m glad you changed the username and password on the camera. That is the best thing you can do followed by firmware updates and unchecking the UPnP box. For others reading this, make sure to run through this procedure to secure your Foscam.

          For you, the only other thing I’d recommend is checking your wireless router’s settings and security. Do you know what wireless security you’re using? It’s especially important if you’re in an apartment since others can easily pickup the signal. Make sure you’re using WPA2 personal. This will keep not only your camera secure but all of your internet browsing (paying bills, shopping, etc.)

          Regarding the audio, I’m not sure why the audio would be acting up now that you’ve updated the firmware. I have heard good things about the Foscam Pro app, and I do know that app supports audio backgrounding. Possibly worth a try!

          Please let me know if I can be of help further!

  27. Josh says:

    Hi Brock,

    I’ve been following your foscam blog for months now. We are 1 month away from the big day of the baby’s arrival, I finally have my foscam (FI8910W) set up successfully to my wireless network and I’m operating iOS devices (Iphone4, Iphone5) and have installed CamViewer for IP Webcams however I’m not getting any Audio. What are your recommendations. I have sold my wife on this being the go to baby monitor so really need your help on this 🙂

    • We’ll get it working and make sure your wife is impressed with you 🙂

      Is the video feed working on that app?

      Did you purchase the $2.99 audio upgrade through the in-app purchase?

      • Josh says:

        The video was working quite well. I wasn’t aware audio was not included in the app…..you never mentioned that ;). However I also don’t see an option for the in-app purchase to get audio. I will look for it later this evening when I have the camera connected again.

        • Josh says:


          All is well thanks for your response and pointing out that I needed to purchase the audio capability in the app. I think we are all set now. Happy monitoring to all!

  28. Margot says:


    I just purchased the foscam and downloaded the tiny cam app for my iphone, but I can’t seem to work the night vision through the app. any suggestions?

  29. Wayne says:

    Thanks for this. My wife is expecting twins, and we’re not happy with the expensive video baby monitor options (x2). As long as this setup works, it will be a great solution.

    • Congrats on the twins!

      You’ll enjoy this setup. The flexibility makes the extra 5-10 minutes of setup worth it.

      Just send me another comment if you have any trouble along the way.

  30. Kyle says:

    K….I’ve searched but I can’t take it anymore, I’m dubbing you the baby monitor Foscam King.

    Here’s the thing; we have a 4-year old that we will be moving to the 1st floor bedroom….alone. We all sleep on the second floor. We are nervous, but he’s a big kid now and he wants his own space. His crazy sister has gotten the best of him.

    I was just gonna buy a cheap video monitor but this looks to be a bit more fun to tinker. The dumb question of the day is; can I set it up with a mac using Chrome, Firefox, Safari? Everything I read says to use IE, but that’s not an option. I control my router with this mac. Our grand plan is to not actually use the mac to monitor at all, but we’d use smartphone, tablets, etc.

    Sorry if it’s a silly question, but thanks for the help!

    • Hey Kyle! Thanks for the comment! I’m finding that once you’ve fallen into a groove with your kids something comes along to shake it up like the transition you described.

      I believe at one point IE was the only browser that could be used for initial setup, but that is no longer the case. I used a Mac to setup my Foscam myself. Just plug it into your router, find the IP address, and tweak any settings (like getting the wireless setting set for your network) that you need to.

      You know where to find me if you have any issues. 🙂

  31. Ros says:

    We’ve been using a foscam to monitor our son for a while now and a week ago we were unable to watch the live stream on any of our devices. My husband has tried everything from deleting the software and reinstalling it, to turning the camera off and turning it on again. Do you have any suggestions as to why the software isn’t showing live stream and what we can do? Thank you.

    • Hey Ros, thanks for the comment!

      It’s possible your wireless router gave the Foscam a different IP address after a power failure. Try logging into your wireless router and see if the foscam is at a different IP address.

      Let me know…

      • Jason says:

        I would suggest going into the router, and using the MAC off the camera, reserve an IP on the local network so that the IP address never changes. This should get around being issued a new IP in the event of a power failure or etc.

      • Jason says:

        Sorry, but forgot to mention this may have happened because the lease expired on the IP address. I think most routers have it set to 30 days by default? That means 30 days after it obtains IP, it will get a new one which will be good for another 30 days. But again, if you establish a static IP by reserving it against the MAC address…you should be all set.

  32. Del says:

    Hi Brock, thanks for replying to my wife.
    Firstly, I have uninstalled and reinstalled the IP camera tool.
    It keeps asking me for the usual username – admin with no password. It does this about 3 times and then lets me choose the active X mode. It then asks me again for the username about another three times. Then get the screen up with black screen.
    It won’t let me go into Device Management.
    I have updated Java.
    I’m at a loss, as it was workin fine before. We did once have a power cut and I noticed the IP address had changes, so we just changed the address on our iphones, ipads and windows surface.
    I have download the firmware, but in the zipped folder I don’t know what to do.
    Can you please help?
    Kind regards

  33. Del says:

    Hi Brock. I have managed to log onto my router and the IP camera is listed as an attached device. Camera still not working…. So frustrated!
    Hope you can be of help!

  34. John says:

    My FI8910w works great except the microphone on the camera doesn’t transmit much volume to the iphone I watch on. I’ve got my iphone volume as high as it can go. Only way I can hear anything on my phone is if I have the phone speaker up touching my ear.

    Is the only fix getting an external microphone to attach to the Foscam??

    • Hey John, my money is that it’s an issue with the app you’re using. Which app is it? Check the app’s settings to make sure you specify your make and model appropriately for best results.

      • John says:

        Well a new app did allow me to hear but for just a few seconds before it sounds a high pitched alarm sound. I have latest firmware and both the sound and detection alarms are unchecked.

        • Hey John,

          Sorry you’re still having trouble. I’ve done some searching on forums and haven’t been able to find another possible solution. I use dedicated audio monitors in tandem with the Foscam, and I think they’re a killer duo. If we travel, we’ll just take the audio monitors. Plus, the audio is better out of the dedicated monitors. Then, we still have the video capabilities of the Foscam to use when we need to check on him.

          • John says:

            I got it working better with the “baby monitor for IP camera” app on my iphone. It has a squelch that will eliminate any background noises. I think it was interference having the iphone too close(within same room) with sound on on the iphone.

          • Good to know! I’ll pass this along to others too. Thanks for the follow up! Glad the audio quality on the foscam is working better with the new app!

  35. Del says:

    Brock, I got it working in the end. Foscam emailed me back and suggested I hold the reset button down on the underneath of the camera for 35 seconds. then it only took me 5 minutes to set up wirelessly again.

    • Oh good! I was stumped. Sorry for the slow replies as I was on vacation last week. I was going to suggest a Skype call to troubleshoot, but glad you got it working!

      Liking the setup so far?

  36. Alex says:

    Hi Brock,

    We are looking into getting the foscam. Quick question…is the camera portable? If I go on vacation or to my parents can I easy take the camera or is it more of a stay in one place once it’s installed?? Thanks!

    • Hey Alex!

      It’s semi-portable. I wouldn’t do it myself though since you’d have to reconfigure it for their Wi-Fi network which would be a pain. You could probably find a mount on Amazon for it to use while traveling though.

  37. Liam Bonner says:

    HI Brock,

    Thanks for passing on your expertise. We are expecting our second in the coming months and are weighing up our monitor options. The Foscam option you have described looks great. For our situation, we use our iphones personal hotspot to provide internet for the house (computer & ipad), do you think the Foscam is still an option for us as we don’t have any physical connections?

    Thanks for your time,


    • Hi Liam! Thanks for the comment, and congratulations on the coming baby!

      Yes, you could still use the Foscam setup. What you could do is plug the Foscam into a wireless router, and then connect your phones to the wireless network (even though this network wouldn’t be getting your phones internet access). You could then view the video feed. My only concern is I wonder if there is a way for an iPhone to know that it still needs to connect to 3G for internet even though it is connected to the Wi-Fi network (that doesn’t have an internet connection).

      Does this make sense?

  38. Peter says:

    i was just wondering if anyone has a media server setup to there tv where they can view this as a online content. Im using serviio and was wondering if my foscam IP camera has a proper Ip address i can setup in the online content section of serviio ?? . PS im runing a server not a renderer as i have a samsung tv with dlna and another tv with wd live. that pull the media from my server to view.. hope you guys kinda understand what i mean 🙂 cheers

  39. Julia says:


    Thanks for your tutorial and for al your tips! We just installed the Foscam and I downloaded the camviewer with audio for my iPhone. However, the sound quality is really poor and there is a delay in both the sound and video. Is this normal? Is there anything we can do to improve the sound?

    We had the Motorola baby monitor but didn’t like that we only had one monitor that would run out of battery in a hour. Hoping the foscam is better than the Motorola but so far no luck! Help!

    Many Thanks!

    • Hi Julia! Thanks for your comment!

      You shouldn’t have a delay. I mean, a split/half-second delay, but nothing more than that. Which wireless router are you using? My only thought is that I know a slower wireless network can degrade audio quality and cause a delay, so that may be the issue there.

  40. Peter w says:

    Got my foscam and it’s working beautiful. Running on samsung note 10.1 with tinycam app and on iphone with baby monitor by tiny solutions app. Both working great and all the port forwarding is done so now while I’m at work I can check up on him while out and about. I’m thinking of buying one of those mini hdmi sticks with google on it or something to run the stream too. Anyone done this yet ? Need some ideas or models of which one to buy 🙂 cheers

    • Glad to hear, Peter!

      I’m working on trying something similar with a Raspberry Pi. Formatting the SD Card/Hard Drive now to set it up with XBMC. I’ll keep you posted. Please let me know if you figure out anything cool too.

  41. Roy says:

    I am familiar with traditional analog video products but the networking side is a bit daunting to me! I have been asked to install a pair of cameras in a nursery. The people on site will need to view the nursery but not have access to the cameras while outside the LAN. Does the Foscam product seem to be a fit for this application? How many users can view the camera(s) at one time?

    • Hi Roy,

      This is exactly how I have mine setup. I don’t make my video feed available outside the network since I don’t want to risk someone unauthorized accessing it.

      To my knowledge, there shouldn’t be any kind of limit to the number of users who can access the feed. A high number of users would increase strain on the wireless router versus the foscam, so a good wireless router should support a high number of users.

      Let me know if I can help with the setup. I doubt you’ll have trouble.

  42. meghan says:

    this might be a stupid question, but with the apps, do you have it have them up and running to see the feed? for example, at night, if the baby starts crying, does it alert you and turn on? i’m trying to figure out how it would work with a live feed of a traditional monitor.

    • Hey Meghan,

      What we do is have an old iPod Touch plugged in and propped up all night long. The app and screen both stay on, and it’s nice to be able to just look up and see how the baby is doing without fiddling around with the device.

  43. Rob says:

    Hi brock,

    Great blog post, loads of good info here!

    I am considering the ip camera approach to monitoring when little one arrives next year. Quick question : does your foscam camera have dark red glowing LEDs or are they completely invisible?

    I am planning on viewing using android apps and also setting it up as a channel in windows media centre on my htpc.

    Do you know if the android apps are good and work with sound?

    Thanks and all the best

    • Hi Rob,

      Thanks for the comment!

      Yes, my camera has the red glowing lights. My kid is totally fascinated by them and often stares at them while he goes to sleep.

      Great idea with the windows media center. That should work well.

      I haven’t had any trouble with the audio out of the android app I’ve mentioned. If you have a snappy wireless router you should be just fine.

      Hope this helps!

  44. Rob says:

    Hi, yes you’re right , the reviews don’t look great, although its mainly set up issues, which I can probably handle.

    I contacted y-cam and they told me that the cube series emits a red glow from the ir LEDs like the foscam does. This is because these LEDs are brighter and have a greater range (12m) than the invisible babyping ones (3-5m). The foscam presumably has this greater range too. An added bonus is that brighter LEDs give better pictures.

    Another option is to wait until babyping android comes out, and then snoop the admin password for the camera by using my PC as a proxy. This would allow me to access the babyping like a normal IP camera through rtsp from a PC or whatever. I have seen another guy out there hacking the babyping because he doesn’t rate the provided app.

    I might buy a foscam on eBay first, before spending time and money on hacking.

    All the best! Rob.

  45. JohnnyGP says:

    Hi Brock. Any update on you Rasberry solution for displaying on a TV. Bummer on the RoKu solution.
    Great blog!

  46. Brian says:

    Hello! Thanks for the blog. We got the 8910W as a shower gift and set it up. Tried a few cam apps but the wifi didn’t seem to be quick enough to control them very well until I found your blog and this note: ” For iOS, use CamViewer for IP Webcams”

    Downloaded that app, and I love the panning by touch – works well and FAST.

    The only issue is when I tap audio it says it can’t find the right API and won’t do audio.

    Are you able to use audio with this app? I’m on iOS7. Thanks!

    • Brian says:

      edit: nevermind, I see that “default” doesn’t give option to buy, but if you change the settings you can buy it. Got it!

  47. […] baby monitor cameras on the market. If you need help setting it up, Brock (a geeky dad!;) shared a great tutorial here. One good thing about this DIY set-up is that you can access it anywhere in the world (with an […]

  48. Jamie says:

    Hi Brock – excellent blog… I’m impressed!
    We have a little one due in May – trying to get ourselves organised well in advance for obvious reasons…
    I’d appreciate any advice you can offer on which cameras would be worth buying and which to avoid? when I’ve looked around, I’ve seen all different cameras with (apparently) similar specs, but massive differences in price. We are on a tight budget and the foscam that you used might be a bit on the expensive side for us.
    We are looking for something with decent resolution, audio, nightvision, mac compatible and accessible from iphones/ipad. I understand that often you get what you pay for but do you know of any cheaper brands that are still reliable?
    Also, is your audio a completely seperate system or do you have it linked in with the video? thanks for your help!


    • Hey Jamie!

      Thanks for your comment! Congrats as you move into the second trimester. I remember seeing my wife finally start to enjoy the pregnancy at that point. Make sure you get some time to relax and just enjoy such an exciting time!

      Foscam is probably the “cheapest” brand I’d recommend. Foscam manufactures and is largely based out of China, but they do make a good product. There’s been reports of lemons here and there but few and far between.

      That said, don’t give up hope just yet on the Foscam. The camera is very often below the $60 price point!

      My recommendation is to check out my blog post here regarding slickdeals. http://www.brockthompson.com/blog/3-ways-to-save-money-shopping-online Then, setup an alert for the word Foscam so that slickdeals will email you when a “deal” hits the front page of their site.

      With Black Friday and Cyber Monday coming up, I doubt you’ll go 2 weeks before snagging a sub $60 Foscam.

      I’ll also post another comment in this thread if I spot a deal for one.

  49. Lori says:

    Hi Brock-
    Just getting ready to set up our Foscam FI8916W as a baby monitor per a friend’s recommendation. But we are not techie at all so I’m a little overwhelmed with the directions. If our router is in the basement but our nursery is upstairs, what directions do we follow to connect?
    I want to set this up thru my MacBook Pro and use our iPhone 5 as the monitor.
    Do I follow your directions above or try to decipher the Quick Install Guide that came with it?
    Thanks for your help!

    • Hi Lori!

      Thanks for the comment!

      That setup should work nicely provided your wireless router is newer and can blast the signal to the nursery successfully.

      Yeah, pop the Quick Guide CD into your MacBook Pro. You’ll need to use your MacBook Pro to setup the router to connect to your wireless network.

      If you have any trouble you know where to find me!

      • Lori Hinton says:

        HI Brock~
        So I finally tried this and when I click on the IP Camera tool to run on my Mac, I get a “socket error” message 🙁
        Any clues?

      • Lori Hinton says:

        OK, update from my last message. When my mac was giving us the “socket error” message we gave up and set this up on my iphone. It works until we unplug the ethernet cable from the router. I’m not sure what to do next…we need this cam unplugged from the router to be in the nursery…

        • It sounds like the camera isn’t connecting to your wireless router. Can you tell whether or not the Foscam has connected by logging into your wireless router and looking at the status of the current wireless clients?

  50. Cj says:

    After reading your blog I purchased the Foscam FI8910W and trying to make it a simple interface for the wife by purchasing tinyCam Monitor Pro (on sale at Google anyways). I load the camera IP, port and login into the app but keep getting a Video Failed (401-Unauthorized). I’ve searched and the only information I can find is to update the firmware, which I already have done to the most current Everything works fine through the web interface, but i can’t get tinyCam working, any suggestions.


    • Thanks for the comment CJ.

      We will figure this out. First question: are you using port 80?

      • Cj says:

        Had originally set up with a x.x.x.101:1010, couldn’t get the camera to work on the app so I did a hard reboot of the camera. Second go round set the IP and kept the :80 port.

        • Did that fix the problem, CJ?

          • Cj says:

            No, I can see the camera via the laptop. Entering the IP, Port & Password into the tinyCam app shows the STATUS as OK but I get no information for the live feed and Video Failed (401- Unauthorized).

            The User Name & Password I have is set up as Administrator in the camera interface. Is this the correct settings to use with the tinyCam app?

          • Cj says:

            And finally figured it out…the free version of tinyCam has a bug in it and I had to buy the PRO version and it works just fine. So add a few more dollars to the cost of the camera but for 2 phones and a tablet it isn’t a big deal.

          • We’ll done! I was stumped as to why you couldn’t connect to the Foscam. Enjoy!

  51. Niels says:

    Great review and great to read everyone’s contribution.

    I’m planning on buying the foscam 9831W. Can anyone confirm the 2way audio works with iPhone or iPad locked? And if so which app do you suggest?


  52. Adam says:


    Great job on the blog. I have been using an FI8910W to monitor my little princess for awhile now. I keep having the same issues of “timing out” or losing connection. I do not understand why this happens. I have very fast internet and also a powerful wireless router. Is there any advice you could give me to keep this from happening so often? Thank you for your time!

  53. Niels says:


    Haven’t bought it yet. Not really sure why the 9831, it sad it’s HD? That’s better right?

  54. Minnie says:

    Hi Brock,

    Thanks for a great article. I just have one silly question. Can you turn the camera on and off easily? For example, can we switch it on when we put our son down for a nap, then off again when he wakes up? Or will the IP address assigned to the camera change each time it is switched off then on?

    Thanks for your help.

    • Hi Minnie! Thanks for the comment!

      I’ll check the settings, in the meantime, why would you like it turned off during the day? I may have a better solution based on your answer.


      • Minnie says:

        Two reasons really. One is you said it was a battery drain, so just to conserve power I guess. The other reason is our son currently sleeps in our room (he’ll be moving out in a few months once he’s 1) so I don’t want other members of the household to check in on our sons nap only to find me getting dressed etc.

        • Hi Minnie,

          I’ve been stumped on this for awhile…sorry for the slow reply.

          The solution might be easy though. Do you want to be the only one viewing the Foscam video feed in the household? If so, you could simply keep the username and password to yourself.

  55. Elijah says:

    Great post. I just got my Foscam and can get a good video feed to my iPhone, but try as I might I am not able to get any audio. I am setting it up with my iMac. Any ideas?

  56. Dina says:

    I am interested in setting something like this up, but I’m so nervous that the world at large would be able to see my kids. It just totally creeps me out. How can I use this without showing the world?

  57. […] Foscam IP cameras are the best video baby monitors. The flexibility to be able to use your iPhone, Android, tablet, or browser to view the live feed of your little one is unbeatable. If you haven’t set your Foscam up yet, make sure to check out this post on How to Use a Foscam as a Baby Monitor. […]

  58. Leila says:

    i set my foscam up but my IP was much different that what you said it might be. it is when i looked more into it, it said that is my LAN IP address but then i saw another IP address that said (external IP removed). The camera was working as, but then all of the sudden it wouldn’t connect and when i looked at it again, it said and i could connect with that. Am i doing something wrong?

    • Leila says:

      it changed again tonight. it wouldn’t connect at .15 but when i searched it was at .16.. what the heck is going on???

      • Leila says:

        So I decided to do some more digging and found I need to set up a static IP. I thought i had done everything right, but it still won’t work. I set the camera IP the same as my router address (external IP removed) was my router and i changed the end to .103) except for the last numbers, set the subnet to (because that is what my computer was telling me mine was (also tried 255.255.255.), set the Subnet and DNS equal to the router address because that is what it said to do on another site. but it is telling me subnet doesn’t match. i am so frustrated. please help!!!


        • You are on the right track. Your router was switching the camera’s IP address on you for some reason. Most routers leave the IP address the same once it is assigned. Try Assigning a static IP of or any of the ones that worked before it switched again as well as with subnet or subnet

          Let me know!

  59. Matt says:


    Great blog and post. Does the 8910W have PIR? Is there a way to monitor sound and/or movement of the baby and then be sent an alarm on the iphone after the sound/movement has continued for, say, 30 seconds or so? (i.e.-so you don’t hear every noise or receive an alarm for every movement) Have you found any good alarm capabilities with this camera?


    • Hi Matt, so sorry for the slow reply. It does have PIR. I haven’t found anything that would provide a solution to the 30 second alarm idea you mentioned. The built in software as well as many apps have some pretty nice alarm capabilities with the ability to trigger recording to a local NAS, Dropbox account, etc. Lot of possibilities!

  60. Jason says:

    Did you have any update on using rasbperry pi as the viewer? I’m wondering what image to use / browser / software etc?

  61. Eric says:

    Hi Brock,
    Thanks for the recommendation of the Foscam camera. I purchased the same model a couple of months ago in hopes that by the time I was ready to set it up that someone would have figured out how to view it on the Roku. In the meantime, I have figured something out that can work with the Roku; although it has a flaw to it.

    I added the WebCam One channel, and changed the address to:
    http://[IP ADDRESS]:[PORT]/snapshot.cgi?user=[username]&pwd=[password]

    I then changed the refresh rate to: 1 second. All that being said, the flaw is that it is not a video feed, but 1 second snapshot and obviously there is no audio. I hope this could be a path for someone to figure out how use “videostream.asf” instead of the “snapshot.cgi” to stream the camera on some channel on the Roku.

    • Brilliant. I’ve heard of people being able to grab the snapshot feed, but you took it a step further to up the refresh rate in order to make the Roku seem to stream a video-like feed from the Foscam. Can anyone build on this to at least add audio?

      • Eric says:

        So, over a year later, I have an update for Roku users. There is a private channel call “CAMERA” – and it is as close to streaming live (about 5 fps) from the Foscam as we are going to get right now.

        Here’s the channel, in case anyone is interested:

  62. gorhj35 says:

    Thanks for posting how to set up the foscam as a baby monitor. I have one question on the picture quality. I had the camera setup wired into the router and when viewing the feed the picture quality was not great. Does this sound like a quality problem with the camera or possible a settings issue? Also I am thinking of updating the firmware on the camera with hopes that this will fix the issue.

    • Thanks for your comment!

      The picture quality it decent, but the Foscam I mentioned isn’t HD quality. You can buy a Foscam HD IP camera.

      You mentioned that you have the camera hard wired into the router which is the only time I’d recommend one of the Foscam HD IP cameras since they’ll bog down a wireless network since they require a ton of bandwidth. You’d be fine on a hard wired connection though as long as your wireless router is fairly new.

      I hope this helps. Let me know if you have any other questions! Take care.

      • gorhj35 says:

        The router is only about a year old and I should clarify that the image was extreme distorted, couldn’t make anything out in the image. I think it may have been a issue with the camera as it seemed to be stuck in a continual reboot. I have returned the camera and purchased another Foscam FI9821W with hopes that it will work this time.

        Thanks for the input and take care.

  63. A different Eric says:

    Thanks, Brock. My wife and I took your advise. It really was as easy as you made it seem. My wife even turned our old Nook into a monitor! Whoa! Thanks for your article and all of your help.

    • Thanks Eric!

      I’m glad you like the setup. The BEST part of the setup is being able to grab any device and quickly seeing your baby.

      I didn’t know a Nook could be used to view the Foscam’s feed as well. Good to know!

  64. Jose says:

    Hi Brock, i was thinking to buy the infant optics dxr-5 basically to monitor the baby during night, because my concern is to be waked up when baby starts to cry than to be looking the screen. is possible with the foscam to use it on this way?. I mean, to leave my iphone just charging as i used to during the night in a normal condition and meanwhile we are sleeping, if baby starts to cry, the iphone will transmit it and wake me up?.

    • Hi Jose! Thanks for the comment.

      Are you worried about having a bright screen shining on you while you try to sleep? One option is to buy a cheap audio monitor and let that take care of the audio and then be able to turn on your phone if you hear a noise.

      There are also ios apps that have background audio allowing you to turn off your screen but still stream the audio.

  65. Jose says:

    Thanks for your quick respond. Yes, exactly that. I read here your comments about the tiny app. is that one that you were refering to?, which other app do you recommend for this purpose?.

  66. Sherie says:

    Hi Brock, you say with the camviewer for ios you were able “to connect to the camera with my smartphone, power off my screen, and walk around the house while being able to hear any noise from the baby’s room”, I downloaded this same app and purchased the audio and as soon as my screen turns off or I leave the app it does not run in the background. Any help?

    • Hi Sherie,

      I did some digging, and it seems that camviewer for iOS doesn’t support audio backgrounding. At the time I wrote the blog post I didn’t have an iOS device to test on. Now that I do, I would recommend Live Cams Pro or Foscam Pro. Both support the audio backgrounding feature you’d like.

      Sorry for the confusion on this. I’m going to change my recommendation in the blog post to Live Cams Pro and Foscam Pro instead since they have surpassed camviewer’s capabilities.


  67. Harsha says:

    Hi Brock,
    Love the blog. I have been using the foscam cam as monitor for a while now at home and remotely to check on him with the babysitter! My main issue is the audio stays on for about 1 min and then turns off. I keep toggling the on/off audio and then sometimes it comes back and sometimes it doesn’t. Is there a solution to have it on all the time also when the app is not open?
    I don’t want to have to watch the screen all day.
    Secondly, how did you set up your audio devices ? Is it completely seperate from the foscam and you walk around with an audio monitor or is it hooked into the foscam cam? Please advise. Sounds interesting. Thanks in advance.

    • Hi Harsha!

      Thanks for your comment. Which app/device are you using to watch the Foscam feed? It’s important that the app you use has “Background Audio” capabilities.

      Yes, my wife and I use a regular audio monitor around the house and for traveling. When at home, if we hear a squawk from our little one to be able to see quickly if he was just getting comfortable or needs us to come into the nursery.

      At night, we have an awesome setup that I would definitely recommend. We have an iPod/iPhone Alarm clock that we have one of our devices stream the video feed all night from (which is great for quickly seeing the baby during midnight “where’s the baby?!” panic attacks). Then we also have our baby audio monitors nearby too.

      The best part is you can get the Foscam, audio monitor, and iPod/iPhone alarm clock for less money than if you were to buy a baby video monitor from a store. It’s a great setup!

  68. Peter Woolsey says:

    been using this camera for nearly 6 months now all working good until today.. now im getting interferance through all of my apps and baby monitors i use.. we have done nothing diferent to our network and now we seem to cant use our baby monitor any more as it triggers off constantly due to this white noise … has any one else had this issue ???


    • Hi Peter,

      Thanks for the comment! The consensus has been that the audio can be spotty at times. Many of the commenters here have gone to a paired system with the Foscam doing the video feed and a cheap audio monitor setup doing the audio.

    • Also, what’s nice about this paired system is you can travel with just the audio setup too while having the video feed’s flexibility when you’re at home (since the Foscam would be mounted).

  69. SYED SALMAN says:

    HI Thomson,

    we have foscam FI8918W , we were happily monitoring Kids on DSL Network, But now I am shifted to 4G network (shifted to more good and power full network), after that I am not able to view my web cam from outside the network. locally I can able to view cam using network.
    but when I tried to connect my cams outside the network , I am not able to view it any of them, I searched arround found that my public IP and router IP different(route IP is 10.XXX) , Please guide me how I over come this problem


  70. Anon says:

    Hi, great article. Thank you. I was hoping to find something like tinyCam for IOS. Which app would you recommend?

    My main concern is being able to receive uninterrupted audio, loudly and clearly, to my ipod/ipad while the screen is turned off. If our little guy starts to fuss, then I want to turn the screen on and see whats going on, and then turn it off again. Basically I want to use the FOSCAM IP camera as an audio baby monitor on my iphones/ipads/ipods, and turn on the screen only when I need to. Is there an IOS app that offers this (thats hopefully free)? Thanks!

    • Ian says:

      Me too. Seems like every iOS app I’ve tried has flaws which make it unreliable as a baby monitor. I want something I can rely on to stay operational overnight. The app you recommend, Live Cams Pro crashes unexpectedly. Anything out there that offers background audio capabilities, near live playback (a second or two delay is fine), HD H.264 streaming, and allows control of all of the Foscam functions like pan/tilt, IR control, 2 way audio, etc…?

  71. B says:

    I have a home network made up for 3 wifi zones connected by LAN cable. Given the size of the place normal baby monitors don’t work. Can I use the foscam on 1 wifi and connect to it from another wifi?

    • Hi B. Thanks for the comment.

      Yes, the Foscam would be perfect for your home since you could have the feed available on any of those 3 zones assuming they operate within the same IP address range and subnet. Let me know if you need more details.


  72. Abbie says:

    Just wanted to say a giant THANK YOU for this really helpful article, and the instructions on securing your camera from hackers. It didn’t take long to get our camera set up this evening, which is great because our little dude’s arrival is just days away! I will be sharing this post with my mom-to-be friends… thank you again!

    • Abbie, I’m sure congratulations are in order at this point. May you have a wonderful start to your family addition. Don’t hesitate to let me know if you have any problems with the Foscam setup.

      Best wishes!

  73. Alex says:

    I have all my Foscam wireless set up well at home, the thing is it seems like I can’t connect to the monitor when I am outside home wifi under other’s Wifi environment. Is there a solution for that?

  74. Nicole says:

    Hey Brock –

    Am setting up my 2 cameras as baby monitors. I may be back with more questions, but right now I am having difficulty getting wireless to work. My router says WPA-WPA2 Personal. What setting should I select for encryption. Also I am not familar with network type – how do i know what to select. I am guessing I should just be able to unplug from router and camera still display pic. Am I missing a step? Thanks in advance.

    • Nicole says:

      ok, I think my issue is that my router is 802.11n. I founds on foscam that I need to backward convert my router. I have NO idea how to do that and it is a centurylink router (zyxel)…been searching with no luck.

  75. Nicole says:

    omg. just delete these comments and I am so sorry. After digging through settings in my router, I saw that my network password was slightly different than I thought! Yep, been wasting hours due to a capitall letter! I’d like to blame it on having a 3 week old, but it is really just me. So sorry to waste your time.

  76. Nicole says:

    App question: We have 2 cameras (2 rooms/sons) and want the audio to kick in when they cry for both cameras. Is there an app that does that?

  77. Nicole B says:

    Hi, thanks for the wonderful tutorial! I already love my Foscam so much more than our previous traditional video monitor. I have a question about the app. I’m using the TinyCam Pro app since I have an Android device. I like it, but the background audio times out after about 15 minutes, so it doesn’t work well as a baby monitor at night while I’m sleeping. Have you had this problem? Has anyone else found an app they like better for Android? Thanks again!

    • Jason says:

      On Android, I use IPCam Viewer Pro… very good, you can get the free version, or pay a few dollars for the pro version.

  78. Eric says:

    Hi. I hooked up my camera. I can log into my router and see that it is connected and obtain the ip address. When I type the ip address into my browser, it asks me to log in. I enter the default password and then nothing. The page acts like it is loading, but nothing ever comes up. Has anybody else had this problem? Thanks in advance.

    • Jason says:

      What browser are you using?
      ActiveX Mode should only be used for Internet Explorer, or “Server Push Mode” for Chrome etc.

  79. Ben says:

    Hi Brock,

    Epic blogging.

    I think I have managed to scour all the responses but could not see anything on connecting the Foscam directly to your phone/device. (Not using a router)

    Technically this should be possible and I found one very brief article but not for a Foscam.

    Have you tried doing this with your setup yet?

    The reason I ask is because it would then make the camera/phone much more portable as it could be used anywhere without a router.

    This D-Link camera claims to be able to do it but the specs are very average for the price they are asking….

    • Jason says:

      I guess one way to do this would be using your phone as a WIFI Hotspot, and then connecting to that using the camera.

  80. Tyler says:

    Hi, My wife and I are expecting in September. I have been looking around for some options for remote online viewing as well as in house viewing.

    I do have a couple questions right now.

    1.Would I have to have a router to be able to view the video feed on a device?

    2. Is there anyway out there to set up multiple users and permissions or a way to turn off the viewing capabilities to not allow others to view the camera at that time?


    • Jason says:

      1. Generally yes you’d need a router…. most of the models can connect by wifi or ethernet port. Then you can view the feed on your laptop/pc/phone/tablet etc.

      2. Foscam has basic authorisation and you can configure users as admin / operator / viewer only – no one can view your camera without a username and password.

  81. emporium says:

    Hi Brock, thanks for this amazing post.

    I have just bought the foscam and tinycam, and they rule so well.

    I have also a Raspberry Pi, but I am not able to configure it to show foscam stream in TV. Has you get it?

    I know you were trying to do the same with a Raspberry Pi but I can not see your advance. Could you explain further, please?

    Thanks again for this great idea.

    • Jason says:

      Depends on which OS you are using. I had success with:

      wheezy-raspbian, using chromium browser.
      To install via command line: sudo apt-get install chromium

      You can then open the video stream in the browser.

  82. demean says:

    Anyone ever use a foscam while traveling?

    we r going away for a week and I’m debating taking our wireless router with us and the foscam. Won’t be connecting the router to the internet as we won’t have any, but just create a home network so we can check on the little one if needed?

    Any thoughts would be appreciated. Buying a second foscam and a airport express or a cheaper router could be another option as we’ll for travel, but perhaps overkill!

  83. RICK says:

    CAN i connect to this camera from say work?

  84. Kyle says:

    A lot of very helpful advice in the comments, I don’t think this issue was addressed specifically.

    1. Is it possible with tinyCam to listen to audio from multiple monitors at the same time. We have a nanny share so 2 days a week we have multiple babies in the house. I saw something about sequencing above … is this the only way to accomplish besides multiple monitoring devices? I would prefer to hear both monitors at the same time.

    2. More of an ip camera question, but can multiple monitoring devices (ios / android) log into the camera(s) at the same time? I am looking at the Foscam FI9821W V2.

    We have been using the Lorex BB4325X for the past few months which has the benefit of being both RF and Phone capable. However, the video quality is not HD, and we are returning our 2nd malfunctioning unit. First had microphone issues out of the box, and 2nd unit no longer charges in the docking station.

    • adam says:

      1. I have not found a way to have multiple audios going at the same time.

      2. You can log in from multiple devices. I have a computer stream and android stream from the cameras at the same time.

  85. Kayla F. says:

    What a fantastic blog! I have read through the entire comments section, woohoo!
    First off I would like to ask if anyone has any opinions on the newer Foscam IP Camera versions, and if you think the new features (Plug&Play, zoom, IR Cut Filter, HD) are worth the extra cost?
    Secondly, has anyone had any experience with eventually adding the Foscam to a Home Automation Device (Wink, Mi Casa Verde) or a monitored service via Alarm.com? Can adding it to these services then allow you to view your camera feed anywhere?
    Thanks in advance!!

    • Hey Kayla!

      I’m lukewarm regarding the HD cams because they take more bandwidth and battery life. With the non had cams, I can see my child’s breathing which is all the detail I need.

      I love the idea of tying it into home automation. Come up with anything yet?

  86. Jay says:

    Is it possible to set up (install) a foscam camera with broadband, that’s a LAN connection, a wireless router, and a tablet – in my case a Blackberry Playbook? In other words no PC.
    I have no techno know how, so apologise if the answer is glaringly obvious.
    Thanks in advance.

    • Hi jay,

      Yes, you can login to your router to figure out which IP address your Foscam uses by temporarily hardwiring it to your router, and then go to that IP address in your device’s browser to setup the Foscam’s wireless settings.

  87. Marie says:

    Hi Brock, I was thinking of using a foscam instead of a monitor…what’s your suggestion in terms of use for a babysitter? I’d rather not give a babysitter access to my computer or have them download an app that gives them future access to the camera. would you suggest just having our ipad (with a separate username for sitter) or a cheap tablet hooked up to monitor the baby for when the sitter’s here? or we could probably get an ipod touch refurbished or something for cheap, as well.
    also, I was worried that by using this camera, I would be missing out on the audio function when my phone or ipad is asleep, but it seems that the apps do still offer this function? but from one of your previous posts, it seemed that the audio function does work with roku? we have a roku in our bedroom and a smart tv downstairs.
    I am not very tech savvy, so any advice would be great! it sounds like this is a much better option than a regular baby monitor, but I need to jump feet first into buying it, despite my reservations that I might be overwhelmed tech-wise! Thanks very much!

    • Hi Marie,

      Thanks for your comment.

      Yes, I believe Foscams make the best baby monitors. The flexibility can’t be beat.

      I really like your idea of a refurbished iPod touch. It’d be cheap, and you’d know that you’re the only one who can access the Foscam’s feed.

      My wife and I picked up a cheap audio monitor too. For much less cost than a video baby monitor sold in stores, we now have the Foscam baby monitor and a cheap audio monitor. It’s really flexible.

      I hope this helps!

  88. buythisdashcam says:


    Can you tell me how to know my home IP address that sometimes changes during the day when I want to check the camera if I am not home ?

    Thank you.

  89. buythisdashcam says:

    Can I get email notification please ? Thanks.

  90. Jason says:

    Tried out the new Foscam FI9826W camera since it has much better resolution and optical zoom. The picture is indeed wonderful, however, the audio is atrocious. I have to be within 2 feet of the camera for it to even begin to pick up my audio.

    I corresponded with Foscam tech support and they decided I must have a faulty unit and suggested I do an RMA return on it. Since that was going to take an eternity and I needed two units anyway, I decided to try a second one before returning the first. It suffered from EXACTLY the same audio features.
    So I think it’s best to just avoid the 9826’s for baby monitoring.

    I’m returning both and trying out a double set of 8910’s so hopefully those will perform adequately on the audio front.

    Thanks for an awesome guide, BTW.

    • Interesting, thanks Jason as that will help others too. I’ve also wondered about the additional strain on mobile device’s batteries when using an HD Foscam. I wonder if apps allow you to turn down the resolution to save battery life on the receiving device?

  91. Layer says:


    These comments are a little dated, do you have any updated suggestions or new products to recommend?

    Also, Is there an “Easy” way to toggle from internal network viewing to external? My family lives on the other side of the world and this would be a great way for them to get their fill. My issue would be to drain the bandwidth 100% of the day as opposed to just nap or playtime viewing.

    I was looking for a product that does this 100% but it doesnt seem that any are as interesting as your solution (or they just have poor ratings all together).


    • Layer says:

      Of course the second I hit submit comment it took me to all of the 2014 comments not previously available for viewing.

      Still, I would like to hear your thoughts.

      • Hi Layer,

        I’m sorry for the slow reply.

        Yes, once the Foscam is setup you can enable it for remote viewing. The Foscam feed could then be viewed both on your internal network (and not use any internet bandwidth) or your external network. The apps should adjust automatically for you.

  92. stu says:

    thanks for setting up this blog, very helpful. I was wondering with the tinycam monitor app is it possible to get noise alerts?

  93. Kristina says:

    Thank you so much for selling me on Foscam. I visited their site and there are so many choices that it is overwhelming! What are the major differences and which should I choose?

  94. Marlon Nair says:

    Hi Brock,

    Fantastic article. I have just ordered the FOSBABY. I was wondering if there would be any differences between the camera you used and the this model.
    You did indicate that you would post how to setup a Rasberry PI to view. Have you had any luck with this?


    • Hi Marlon!

      Thanks for your comment!

      The Fosbaby has a couple interesting differences. First, the infrared LED lights are hidden. The Foscam I linked to has a bit of a glow from the infrared LED lights…almost like a nightlight. I haven’t had any trouble with my little ones waking up because of it though.

      Second, the Fosbaby has its own app. I would be VERY interested if you could share your thoughts with me on how you like the app. I know it can play nursery rhymes from your phone to the camera too.

      Lastly, it has a temperature sensor so you know how warm your baby’s room is. I assume this reading shows through the app.

      Marlon, please let us know your thoughts on the Fosbaby! It’s a very new product, so I’m curious if all of the bugs are worked out, if installation is easy, and if the app works well.

      Take care,

  95. Matt says:

    Thanks again for your blog on using a Foscam as a baby monitor. I recently picked one up to replace a different monitor that ran on the 2.4ghz and killed our wifi. I have the camera set up, and it works great. However, when viewing the camera from our phones using the foscam viewer app the video is really choppy, like it only updates every 2 seconds. On the computer it is smooth as silk. I haven’t found out a solution for this. Have you had any issues with this? We are using the FI9821.



    • Hi Matt,

      Thanks for the comment!

      There’s two solutions for your Wifi bottleneck:

      1. Buy a new wireless router if you think your router might be due for an upgrade.

      2. Hard wire the Foscam into your wireless router to alleviate the strain on your Wifi

      Both should return the silky smooth video display you desire! 🙂

  96. Alon says:

    Hi Brock,

    First i want to tell you, that your guide is great.

    I would like to ask something.
    I have read that baby monitor with camera might extract more radiation then regular baby monitor (just audio)

    Do you know if there is radiation for your Foscam camera if i connect it to my LAN network by wire (and not wireless)?


    • Hi Alon,

      I’ve had similar concerns, and you’re the first person I’ve talked to who shares those with me!

      I’ve read a bit about it and here is what I’ve learned. Wi-fi generates radiation. Cell phones generate many times more generation. The closer you are to the radio, the more radiation you will receive.

      Studies have been totally inconclusive regarding Wi-fi radiation since it is a very small amount compared to cell phones.

      My solution was to snag an ethernet cable and plug the Foscam Baby Monitor into the network versus connecting through Wifi. Then, it’s very easy to turn off the Foscam’s Wifi completely. In this way, the Foscam is actually safer than audio monitors too (since audio monitors produce radiation as well)!

  97. Alon says:

    Hi Brock.
    Thank you very much for the fast response to my last comments.
    Another issue that concerns me is the audio quality.

    If i’ll put the camera on the wall across the room a little bit high.
    could i sounds the baby well enough ?!

    The wall is about 2 meters (6.5 feet) from the baby’s bed.

    Thanks again.

  98. David S. says:


    Your post has been very convincing to me that the Foscam will be the right choice. We have a baby girl coming in January and I recently purchased a Dropcam without doing my due diligence and researching the local storage/stream options. Well there are none and it’s very frustrating because the camera is really a great piece of technology. I will certainly miss the 107* viewing angle and the digital zoom (unless I land a 9826 for a good price!).

    The one thing I am glad to see if the option for background audio with the screen off. I also like your idea of the iPod touch constantly streaming. We happen to have 2 of those sitting in a drawer somewhere (I’m a firm Android user nowadays…) and they will now be put to good use now.

    Thanks again! Very good post, and awesome to see you are STILL replying to comments nearly 2 years down the road. That on it’s own beats out Dropcams customer service and their 2 whole replies to customers practically begging for local streaming and storage options on their own website.

    I’ll be back if I have any questions!


  99. Meredith says:

    Hi Brock,

    Thanks for your continued support to this blog! I’m looking into the Foscam FI9821P to use as a baby monitor (I’m due in about 10 weeks!!!).

    I’m curious as to how well the two way audio function works. Specifically, I’m wondering about speaking to the baby through the camera. Do you use this feature? Is it pretty intuitive? From all of the above comments, it sounds like all audio function has to be set up through whichever app you choose to download for your mobile device. True?

    Thanks again for your help!

    • Hi Meredith,

      Thanks for your comment and congratulations on your soon-to-be-a-mama status!

      The two way audio function works well. As you said, it’s dependent on the app that you choose. Many apps make this functionality an in-app purchase. My wife and I decided to get cheap audio monitors to compliment the Foscam setup and couldn’t be happier. This way, you don’t drain your cellphone’s battery all day streaming the audio, but you can use your cellphone whenever you’d like to take a peek at your little one. 🙂

      In total, it’s cheaper to buy the Foscam and the audio monitor than it is to buy one of the “baby video monitors” that you see in stores. Foscam’s rock!

      Please let me know if you need any help with the setup. Congratulations!

  100. Tuan Vu says:

    I’ve enjoyed reading this and learning how to set up my Foscam FI9821W. My wife is due in April with our first. My parents are on the opposite side of the country so this will be nice so they can see their grandchild. I struggled with the set up for days, but with your help on here, and Foscam chat support, I’ve managed to get the thing going. I can view inside my network on my tablet/phone/PC. I can also view remotely through my tablet, phone, and PC. Everything works flawlessly. Here’s my only complaint: Audio. Others can barely make out what I’m saying, and they can’t hear me. It’s like talking out of a 1970s walkie talkie. I’m going to try to buy two items: PC speakers and PC microphone. There’s an audio input/output available in the back so I will try to connect these items up to the camera. Hopefully that will work. Otherwise, it’s been a great investment. Almost half the cost of the Dropcam.

  101. Zuzana says:

    Hello Brock,
    I am deciding which one of the Foscam IP cameras to buy (the FI8910W seems not available in the Czech Republic…) perhaps 9821W or the Fosbaby!? Can you please tell me whether you can play music through the applications – either their own or can I download my own and play it? What is the sound like through the camera? Could I connect another Foscam IP camera through the Fosbaby one day?..the ordinary cameras have pan/tilt functions unlike the Fosbaby:(
    Thank you

  102. Zuzana says:

    Hello Brock,
    I am deciding which one of the Foscam IP cameras to buy (the FI8910W seems not available in the Czech Republic…) perhaps 9821W or the Fosbaby!? Can you please tell me whether you can play music through the applications – either their own or can I download my own and play it? What is the sound like through the camera? Could I connect another Foscam IP camera through the Fosbaby one day?..the ordinary cameras have pan/tilt functions unlike the Fosbaby:(
    Thank you

    • Hi Zuzana!

      Thank you for your comment!

      Personally, I would go with the 9821W that you mentioned. The tilt/pan is a wonderful feature…especially once your little one starts rolling around! I do like the Fosbaby’s temperature sensor though.

      You are able to play audio through the device, but it all depends on which app you use. There are many good options.

      Best wishes!

  103. Ed Gamboa says:

    Hi. I would just like to know if it be possible to power the camera with a power bank and can the camera connect to a pocket wifi or do i need a router? Thanks

  104. Wafa says:


    I purchased two foscam cams same as the above. The first one was installed in the living room using wps and it went fine. the second one was installed in the baby room and went also fine, but suddenly the living room one stopped working always writing username and password are incorrect. how can I fix this? please help!!

    • Hi Wafa! Thanks for the comment.m

      I’d recommend not setting up with WPS and use the procedure above instead. It should prove more stable. Try a reset of the Foscam (use a paperclip in the reset hole on the cam) and try setting up again.

  105. Kayla F. says:

    I am trying to access my webcams from work. I successfully set it up without using a DNS service provider. Problem is, I do not have any audio. Once on the Foscam page, it prompts me to download software (on both the “server” or IE option) to be able to receive audio, which I did at home successfully. Problem is at work I am not allowed to download anything, it prompts me for an admin password. Is there a way around this, or a different way to open up the webcams from a different site so that I don’t have to download anything? I can listen on my phone, but that zaps my data! Thanks in advance!

    • I don’t think you should be prompted for a download. It all happens in the browser. Is it a browser plugin it asks to install, perhaps? If so, I believe the last, bottom button does not require a browser plugin download.

      Please let me know if you still have problems. I’m glad you’re liking this setup!

      • Kayla F. says:

        Yes, it is a plug-in which I have to have admin approval for. The last (mobile) option does not seem to have any audio capabilities, unless I am missing something. So if I set up through a third party domain thingy would that allow audio without a plug-in?

        • Hi Kayla,

          Honestly, I’m stumped. I’d say your best bet to get around the administrative issues is to ask permission to install the plugin. ActiveX is probably what is trying to be installed, and it is generally considered safe. Orrrr…try to find a business-related site that uses ActiveX, get approval to install it, and then you should be good! 🙂

  106. Katie says:

    Hello, and thanks! Great tutorial and information!
    I have a quick question for you, before I purchase the cam for use as a baby monitor.
    We live in a rural area, and while we have access to fast internet, we cannot purchase an unlimited plan. SO my questions is- would running a cam/app like this completely drain our data usage monthly? Wondering if it constantly streams, or if it only pulls info when you go to the app?
    Any help is appreciated. My husband works from home via VPN and it’s not popular when I use up all the monthly data which slows our service way down…until we buy additional at $$$!
    Thanks in advance for any help you can offer.

    • Hi Katie,

      Thanks for the comment!

      As long as you’re streaming within your network it won’t use any of your internet data allotment. In other words, as long as you are viewing the stream within your house and on your wifi network, you won’t use any internet data since everything will happen on your house’s wifi network instead of through the internet.

      Does that make sense?

  107. Tony says:

    Hey Brock,

    Any idea of how to get to view the Foscam camera from a WD live player?

  108. Jorge says:

    Hi Brock!

    Really amazing post, love your effort and enthusiasm. I tried to answer my question by reading through the comments section but wasn’t able to.

    So, I have a few questions:

    1) Does your foscam get hot? Do you turn it off at any time to let it cool down?

    2) I have been using it as a security cam in our home for a couple months but we have a baby coming and would like to add another one for her room. The problem is we will have a person helping us, and need to give her a “monitor” to use. What do you recommend? It should be a dedicated device but shouldn’t have the ability to connect to YouTube, etc.

    3) Router: I have a standard cablemodem that provides the internet and then a Ubiquiti Unifi for the AP. Should that be good enough?


    • Hi Jorge! Thanks for your comment!

      1. My foscam has never gotten hot. Yours does? Which model do you have?
      2. I would recommend an iPod Touch with “Guided Access” enabled. In the settings of an iOS device you can go to “General”->”Acessibility”->”Guided Access”. The first slider, when enabled, will keep the device in a single app unless a passcode is entered. Here’s a few iPod Touch options on Amazon.
      3. I think your wireless router should be able to handle the increase of activity from the IP Baby Camera without any problems.

      Thanks Jorge!

  109. Travis says:

    Hi Brock,
    I’m looking at buying the fi8010w for two rooms in the house and i’ve searched online but can’t seem to find what im looking for. I’m wondering how bright the lights are at night when it’s all dark in the room. Are the LED lights on or are they always off? I just don’t want a bright light on in the room all night long. thanks

    • Hi Travis,

      They’re not bright at all. The have a faint glow. My cam is 3-5 feet from a baby and it doesn’t bother him. It’s much fainter than a night light.

      • ikwyl6 says:

        Hi Brock,

        Great review! And thanks for the update as well!

        1) I’ve read on the web that the IR lights are red in color. Do you think the red glow is distracting or would scare a baby or toddler?

        2) Is there a way to view the ‘access logs’ of this camera so you can check if someone has tried to access the camera from outside your home network?

        3) Have you tried with more than 1 camera? Our current video baby monitor rotates between two cameras every 5-10 seconds. I’d like to have this in the mobile app.

        4) Does the app still play sound in the background if you are either using another app (email/browsing) or have the phone locked?

        • Hello!

          Sorry that your comment sneaked by me for so long.

          1. No, I’ve had no problems. I’ve got 3 kids and while they glance at the lights out of interest, they never have gotten scared by them.

          2. Yes, the camera does keep access logs.

          3. Yes, there are apps that allow you to stream multiple cameras at the same time. You’ll feel like a security guard watching all of those feeds. 🙂

          4. Yes, make sure to read the features of an app before buying it. The best ones have that feature you described.

  110. Mike G says:

    Hello Brock,
    Thank you for the great tutorial! This has been some really good information.
    My wife and I are expecting in August (twin girls!), and we’re working hard at getting the nursery in order. I am definitely looking into the Foscam line, instead of the more expensive all-in-one units that offer full internet functionality.
    I was all set to order two of the Foscam FI9821W V2 units, until I started reading this post and came across the Fosbaby option. So here are my questions:

    1. With two cameras in the same room, which of the two units would you recommend? Does the app for the Fosbaby support 2 cameras, with split-viewing?

    2. Do you recommend the Fosbaby app, instead of a second party app?

    3. Do any of these apps offer Chromecast support (for viewing/monitoring through our television)?

    Again, thanks for all the advice!

  111. Carly says:

    Are you able to use the 2-way communication function of the Foscam F19821W with the Live Cams Pro app for iOS?

  112. Lindsay says:

    Here’s my dilemma:
    I don’t want to leave my phone on all night. Is there a way to get an alert if the baby starts crying? Or should I also use an audio monitor?

    • Jason says:

      Lindsay, perhaps not a perfect solution, but the Baby Monitor for IP Camera iOS app has a background monitoring feature that you can configure to sound an alarm on your phone when the sound rises above a level you set. It seems to work when the phone is locked (though it still needs to be turned on and connected to the network). If memory serves, the app is free, but unlocking audio monitoring costs $5.

  113. Sam says:

    We’ve been using the foscam for a while with the “baby monitor” app using IOS on my iPhone. Just recently the camera has started dropping the connection and no longer allowing me to view unless I unplug and reset the camera. Any thoughts? I am not techy….

  114. David says:

    Very informative, thanks for your quick replys This article is up since 2013!

    I already have foscam 9821W wired all over the house but i am a little concerned about using these with the visible IR Led near my baby all night. We are scared that our baby keep staring at it and get bad effects..

    I tried searching for an alternative with invisible IR but most of these cameras didn’t support wired ethernet which is a must for us. We feel safer to limit electronical noise withing baby room.

    The only camera i found with the ethernet jack was the Withings Smart Baby Monitor but reviews are less than stellar on stability and it quite expensive…

    So i am wondering if it would be possible to replace or modify the foscam IR led to some invisible one? Perhap, there is an external IR led that i could use with the foscam? I contacted Foscam and they couldn’t help me out.

    Any idea? Thanks

    • Hi David,

      I had many/all of the same concerns as you did.

      I too felt that hard wiring the camera was probably best both for performance and safety. Granted, there isn’t any concrete evidence that wifi is bad for us (cell phones I know are much worse).

      Infared light is as safe as regular light. It’s just invisible to our eyes. The sun emits infared light as do regular lightbulbs. So, I wouldn’t worry about that.

      Normally, I can reply to comments within 24 hours but yours somehow sneaked by! Sorry about that.

      • Mort says:

        Potential issue with IR on the camera is that the eye can’t adjust to the wavelength to protect itself. With “regular” light (i.e. the sun), the other bands/wavelengths force the eye to react. Jury seems to be out as to whether the flood of light on the retina is potentially damaging. I would say, possible, if the proximity is close and the duration is long.

  115. Monica says:

    I love using the Fosscam as our baby monitor. My only complaint is that it makes our internet useless, when it’s plugged in. The camera seems to hog all of our bandwidth! Is there a workaround for this?


    • Monica,

      That shouldn’t happen. The feed only uses bandwidth when the feed is being monitored (viewed) by you using a device.

      How old is your wireless router? It may be time for an upgrade.

  116. Tom says:


    We have been using the Foscam FI8910W with success for the last 2 years. It was set up by someone from the telephone support team (when they existed). We have recently moved house and changed internet provider and router and I can’t get it to work.

    I have tried going through the set up procedure with the original disc (IP camera tool) but when I plug the ethernet cable into the laptop nothing shows up on the camera tool. I have tried a number of ethernet cables. I have also reset the camera but still not having any luck.

    I am very much a novice with this kind of thing so any advice would be gladly received.

  117. meghan says:

    Hi! I also use mine as a baby monitor and we used wifi and data remotely. All of a sudden the data isn’t working we can only connect via wifi. Any help with this would be greatly appreciated it all of a sudden stopped working and technical support is a joke!

    Thanks in advance!

  118. Caleb says:

    Hi Brock,

    Great post…helped convince me to make the switch to IP cameras when baby #2 arrived. I have two FI8910Ws setup, one in each baby’s room, and things have been quite smoothly for about 10 days…until today.

    Both cameras are connected via Wi-Fi, with static IP addresses. I use tinycam Monitor Pro, and I can hear and view both feeds on multiple devices (3 different phones and a tablet), but as of today I can’t login to Baby #1s camera via my chromebook. Normally, I just go to each camera’s IP address, enter my credentials and I am merrily on my way to changing settings, etc. However, while I can still access both feeds via the tinycam app, I can only login to Baby #2s camera on my chromebook. Every time I enter the ip address for Baby #1, I get this error: “192.168.1.xx refused to connect.” And that’s it…

    Have you run into this issue before or have any thoughts? I’m 3 hours into this and getting tired of banging my head against the wall.


  119. Yodan says:


    Thank you for taking the time to write this guide.

    I’m considering whether I should buy a traditional dedicated baby monitor (with audio and video) or just an IP camera. One feature that traditional baby monitors have (even the simpler audio-only ones) is some sort of volume threshold: The parent unit is completely silent (no static noise) until the noise in the baby’s room goes above some threshold (baby cries) – and only then does the parent unit turn on its speakers.

    Does the setup you suggest support such a feature? Or will my smartphone continuously play static noise and breathing sounds as long as it displays the live feed from the camera?

  120. Devanie says:

    Hey! I am pretty much sold on this for a monitor, but wondering if we are traveling, how easy is it to take it with us and set it up at a different home? (Grandmas house)

  121. […] How to Use a Foscam IP Camera as a Baby Monitor […]

  122. […] How to Use a Foscam IP Camera as a Baby Monitor […]

  123. […] How to Use a Foscam IP Camera as a Baby Monitor […]

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