iOS 7 launched with all of its visual polish yesterday. Parallax wallpapers now give the home screen the illusion of a layered or 3D effect by responding to the way you tilt your device.

Inevitably, you will grow tired of the wallpapers included with iOS 7, and you will want to make some of your own. Parallax wallpapers in iOS7 require special sizes to avoid resizing (listed below) because the wallpaper needs to actually be larger than your device’s resolution.

Click on the below links to download a .PSD to get you started making your own wallpapers. I suggest either using Photoshop, Pixelmator, or the rather handy free online editor pixlr.

Note: There’s fierce debate online as far as what dimensions are best to avoid wallpaper resizing in iOS 7, but these dimensions above are what I found online to be best based on wallpaper dimensions included in iOS 7 .

Note 2: iPhone 4 does not support parallax.


  1. Winston says:

    Thanks so much for making these available. I was thinking of making my own, and these templates are very helpful!

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