Most iPad owners use their iPads for consumptive uses. The folks at found that 37% use their iPad primarily for internet browsing, 21% for email and social media, and only 18% for other apps. Getting an iPad to be a good productive device requires an app that you’ll enjoy using as much as a computer or laptop with a keyboard.


Hunting for the best note-taking app for iPad

notability-homeAfter trying out many apps and reading reviews on others, I landed on Notability. Notability’s advantage is that it provides the user with multiple forms of input such as drawing, typing, or diagramming. Based on my findings, I couldn’t find another app that does this. Evernote, the most popular note-taking app, allows for typing, but it doesn’t provide a way for you to draw in the same note.

Key Features of Notability


  • Yeah, I’m starting with the backup feature. Why? Have you ever used Evernote? Evernote makes it really difficult to export your notes. Notability on the other hand, encourages it. You can setup your Notability app to automatically backup your notes in PDF format to Google Drive, Dropbox, Box, WebDav, or even sync with iCloud. Awesome. You can also import from these services as well!

Notability Sharing and ExportingSharing and Exporting

  • To piggyback off the last feature, Notability provides an elegant way to export and share your notes as well by giving you a myriad of options.


PDF Annotation and Markup

  • This is key and not part of many other note-taking apps. You can quickly import a PDF or other document from Dropbox, Google Drive, Box, or WebDAV. Then, you can use the Notability app to annotate PDFs on your iPad by highlighting, writing notes, drawing, diagramming, etc.


  • The interface doesn’t get in your way when you’re taking notes whether it be in class, at work, or during a meeting. You can learn to master the app’s functionality quickly as it gives you just the right amount of functionality in a clean, understandable interface.



Convinced? Download Notability

Not convinced? Let me know why not in the comments.



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