Using rechargeable batteries to power your electronics saves money and is better for the environment.  The cost of a standard AA battery is about .30 cents.  An Eneloop rechargeable AA battery costs $2.50 and .04 cents for each recharge.  I made a graph below illustrating that a rechargeable battery will begin to save you money after the 9th recharge.

Rechargeable vs. standard battery graph savings

That’s just the savings of one AA battery.  Imagine your home running completely of rechargeable batteries and the savings that would eventually be realized.

A lot of people have bad memories of using rechargeable batteries in the past because they would often not hold a full charge after a year or so of use.  The technology powering rechargeable batteries has become so advanced rechargeable batteries now outperform standard alkaline batteries.

Which rechargeable batteries should you buy?  After some research, I’ve settled on Sanyo Eneloop Batteries and have been nothing but impressed for the two years that I’ve used them.  They hold their charge well, perform really well in cold conditions (while hunting), and look darn cool while doing it.  Amazon has a number of packages for them, but make sure you get a package that comes with a charger.  Costco also sells Eneloop batteries if you’re a member there as well.

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  1. Chad says:

    I’m buying some now. Amazon Prime! Great review!

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