The much anticipated Apple iWatch Watch has been revealed. But will the Apple Watch sell?

Rumors swirled for months regarding a flexible display, wireless charging, advanced sensors, 3G capabilities, and ability to beam you to Mars.  Apple hyped the keynote arguably more than any past keynote.  Unlike other Apple product reveals, few specifications were known about the Apple Watch.

After the keynote (with the surprise Asian translation bonus, #scarfgate, and other fun flops)  everyone caught their breath, and began discussing the potential for this new product.  Did we just watch a product launch of iPhone’s magnitude, or will this bomb like the Nexus Q (too funny to forget!)?  The actual watch won’t begin production until 2015, so there is still some speculation. But, let’s go over the main hits and misses of what we do know about the Apple Watch.


Apple Watch Hits:


Apple Watch BandBeautiful Bands

If there’s one thing Apple is good at, it’s making products beautiful. With band choices from stainless steel, top-grain leather, and milanese to ho-hum plastic, the Apple Watch puts any smart watch or fitness tracker to shame.

This was a brilliant move on Apple’s part. If Apple wants to maximize their customer base’s adoption of a new product offering, they know their customer base desires to be unique and let their personality show. iPhone owners are often the people with the gaudy, eye-catching cases. Yes, they want an iconic device, but they also want to make it their own.

Apple Watch AppBeautiful Apps

My 1.5 year old can use my iPad. It’s that intuitive. Apple had the challenge of creating apps with similar usability on a much smaller device. From what we’ve seen from the keynote, the Apple Watch’s apps are beautiful and well-done.

Apple is king of the maker of products that “just work”, and it seems that the Apple Watch will add to that reputation. With intuitive apps and a well planned Digital Crown, the Apple Watch will likely become a device that owners can’t leave behind.


Apple Watch Misses:


Apple Watch Battery LifeBattery Life

As rumored, Apple struggled finding the technology to adequately power the Apple Watch while keeping a relatively small form factor. Apple certainly stuffed in the biggest battery they could without making the watch too bulky, but the heart rate monitor and screen suck enough juice to limit the Apple Watch battery life to a disappointing 24 hours.  Argh.

The draw with fitness bands, such a Fitbit, is that you can leave them on your wrist for days at a time before charging. You forget it’s on your wrist and go about your day. A fully-engaged Apple customer would now be needing to charge their iPhone, iPad, Macbook/iMac, and Apple Watch. At least two of those devices would need charged daily.

image by  jimgris of FLickrNo GPS

The hope of wearing an Apple Watch on a run that will track your heart rate and distance didn’t pan out. Due to the battery life and form factor limitations, the Apple Watch does not have GPS tracking abilities. Therefore, a runner would need to strap on their iPhone so that the iWatch can use the iPhone’s GPS abilities. We’ll all be looking like running cyborgs with all of these gadgets attached to us!

Had the Apple Watch been given the ability to use GPS, Garmin GPS watches (very popular with serious runners) would have competition in a market that they’ve cornered.


Apple Watch Home ScreenWill The Apple Watch Sell?

I’d love to hear your opinion in the comments below. From my point of view, I can’t imagine the Apple Watch will bring in new customers for Apple (like what the iPhone did). But, I do see users who are already in the Apple ecosystem of products to buy this as an accessory. My out-of-the-air guess is that they’ll sell a similar amount of Apple Watches as iPod Touches.

What do you think?

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